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Big Data and its Impact on Modern Healthcare

Big Data and its Impact on Modern Healthcare Big Data has brought about an immensity of change in the realm of data management be it in any field and any industry. It has also changed the manner in which data is analyzed and managed. Special emphasis should be laid on big data on modern healthcare […]

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Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

Defining Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI is the most comprehensive way to think about the best of advanced computer intelligence. At the Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence Conference held in 1956, AI was suitably described as: “Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be […]

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Big Data and Big Data Jobs: The Jobs of the Future are Here

What is Big Data? Voluminous and complicated data sets that cannot be processed by traditional data processing application software is popularly known as Big Data. Let’s learn about the Big data jobs around us. Due to its size, some of the challenges in handling Big Data include capturing, storage, analysis, search, transfer, querying, visualization updating […]

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5 Vital books for Data Science

Data science and machine learning are a complex set of interconnected concepts. To remain abreast of times, you require spending time not only in conducting a lot of research but also revising concepts. Even if you are a thorough professional, you would still want to catch up with the current trends and on knowledge once […]

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