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Keywords Research In 3 Steps: The Short Version

Keywords research begins with a query. This is one of the most important activities in the SEM field. Ranking can help you build your website. Keywords research helps determine many parameters as a whole. Good Keyword research is the stepping stone to designing and building a website and business. Keyword research determines the position of your […]

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How To Craft Contagious Content In 6 Steps

Ever wondered why some content goes viral, while others get a warm response ? What makes contagious content versus mediocre content ? Well, if these are some of the questions that plague you then you have come to the right place. I recently went through a great video by Prof. Jonah Berger of the University of Pensylvania on the […]

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Make Great Video Advertisements With Google Adwords in 5 Steps

YouTube has become a great capability showcasing and advertising platform. This is attributed to the steady rise in users and channels with quality content in the form of videos. Video advertisements have a lot going for them ascribing to the popularity of this wonderful platform. It would be a shame if one did not realize […]

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7 Small Steps in Remarketing Strategy with Google AdWords

Remarketing is a talked about subject in the blogging arena, considering that it is an important tool and the very fact that Google AdWords has catered to it quite well. There’s a lot of business that happens from remarketing lists online. Remarketing is not just a selling tool for the e-tailer it performs as a […]

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3 Steps to Subliminal Search Engine Marketing

Statutory word of caution: This topic is for educational purposes only, and the use of subliminal advertising is governed by laws, the infringement of which in such countries, is an offense. Please refer to the internet and the respective government bodies to know more about such countries and their laws governing the use of subliminal […]

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11 Steps Towards A Niche Market With Google Adwords

In a generic world of selling ideas and products, if you are one of those people making a foray into niche markets, wondering how to leverage the power of internet and internet based technology. Google Ad-words may just be what you are looking for. Being in a niche industry, selling a niche product or an […]

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