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How To Craft Contagious Content In 6 Steps

Ever wondered why some content goes viral, while others get a warm response ? What makes contagious content versus mediocre content ? Well, if these are some of the questions that plague you then you have come to the right place. I recently went through a great video by Prof. Jonah Berger of the University of Pensylvania on the […]

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Make Great Video Advertisements With Google Adwords in 5 Steps

YouTube has become a great capability showcasing and advertising platform. This is attributed to the steady rise in users and channels with quality content in the form of videos. Video advertisements have a lot going for them ascribing to the popularity of this wonderful platform. It would be a shame if one did not realize […]

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11 Steps Towards A Niche Market With Google Adwords

In a generic world of selling ideas and products, if you are one of those people making a foray into niche markets, wondering how to leverage the power of internet and internet based technology. Google Ad-words may just be what you are looking for. Being in a niche industry, selling a niche product or an […]

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