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What Can Hurt Your Emails From Reaching The Inbox : Email Deliverability

We all have troubles sending our newsletters or promotions to customers through bulk emailing. It happens so often that emails get put into the junk folder or they bounce. What can you do to prevent hurting emails from reaching the inbox / email deliverability? Emails reaching inbox help us get a good sender score. The sender […]

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4 Ways To Boost Traffic During Holiday Seasons On E-commerce Websites

The holiday season is in full swing and so is e-commerce spending. This is a global trend and every e-commerce scenario is no exception to this. There are a variety of holidays being celebrated around the world, such as Raksha Bandan (the sibling festival), Diwali (festival of lights), Christmas, Valentines Day and so on. With every […]

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5 Reasons Why Business Analytics Is Important In Digital Age

Business Analysis is a technique where the business will take every single available information. Be it regarding the market or their potential customers to come up with a marketing plan. Business Analysis is the pin which holds the business together. Without it, you are running your business on intuition, which could be pointless. It will also […]

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5 Drawbacks That Can Have Negative Impact On Your Site

The days of websites getting ranked with little or no effects are long gone. The Internet market today,  is in a fierce competition and it needs loads of time, effort and attention to stand out from the crowd. So what kind of negative impact can a site have? Be it a blog or an e-commerce […]

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Good Data Doesn’t Mean Great Input: How Much Insights Matter

When we produce good data, it may not mean that the output will be great because there are chances that your post did not reach many relevant customers. First of all we should ask ourselves, what are the actions on the page? Facebook Insights gives you great analysis. Furthermore, it gives you an overview allowing you […]

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Facebook Marketing For Startup Company: 5 Pro Creative Engagements

Digital Marketing on Facebook has many benefits. It allows you to be creative content, media, engagements, established goals and eventually grow your company. For startup companies, we need to firstly get our customers interested in the product. The best thing is to be creative in thinking and executing the plan. Having creative content engagements can […]

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