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5 Good Web Analytics Tools Alternatives To Google Analytics

Google first rolled out an all-compassing Analytics Service in November 2005. However, due to scalability issues, this web analytics tool became widely available only from August 2006. With a plethora of highly useful features such as mobile and tablet analytics, multi-channel funnels, advanced reporting system — it is not surprising to see that Google leads […]

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About Cashstore Cashstore is the pioneer in field of online shopping technology, which enables buyers to earn cashback with each purchase. The store started its online operations from 2004 and has grown by leaps and bounds to about 5,50,000 active users today. With its credible and smooth user experience, the site has earned unique reputation […]

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Use Google Analytics To Know 5 Most Important Things

Developing and nurturing a data-driven mindset is a key factor for online businesses to grow of today. Investing consciously into analytics is imperative for digital initiatives of all size. Web Analytics is an all-encompassing process that involves systematic collection, measurement, analysis and reporting of data pertaining to traffic to the website. It involves analysis of […]

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Technologia Used Multi-Channel Funnel Capability of Google/Web Analytics To Gain 120% Increase In Conversions

About Technologia: Specialized trainings are required to thrive in today’s dynamic and socially connected world. The key areas for corporate trainings are: Information technology Project management Human capital management Communications Technologia, a leading IT firm, offers just this. Headquartered in Montreal and founded in 1996, the company offers customized training seminars to individuals and enterprises located in Montréal, […]

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12 Google Analytics Segments For Highly Successful Web Analytics Programme

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”, Albert Einstein has famously quoted this. The statement rightly captures the fact that data just by itself is not important, it is crucial to look for right kind of data. A plethora of analytics tools and features are available today. […]

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5 Steps To Add A Google Analytics Tab At Your Facebook Page For Regular Web Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to help web administrators to monitor incoming traffic to the website. Using this toolkit, site administrators can get concrete data about visitors. The analytics data is presented across various pivots such as: Number of people who visited the site Number of unique visitors Path chosen by people to visit the site (whether […]

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