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Bidding Made Easy – 7 Step Guide For Beginners

Bidding….. the reason why online advertising seems daunting. Even if you understand how bidding works in general, hearing terms like PPC, CPC, etc., can put us off. So here’s the thing. Yes bidding on AdWords is a complicated process, but hopefully by the end of this article you will feel a little bit more comfortable […]

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5 Things About Search Network That Will Help You Plan Your Campaigns Better

The first question you are asked when setting up a campaign in Google AdWords is what ‘Type’ of campaign you want to choose. If you are new to AdWords, you probably either assumed that Search Network is for text ads, Display Network is for image ads, Shopping is for product listing ads, Video is for […]

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7 Step Guide To Keyword List Building In AdWords For Beginners

What is a Keyword? When you go to a restaurant, isn’t it more convenient to just ask the waiter for the available options rather than going through an exhaustive menu and finding eventually that what you want is over? Or better still you could just ask the waiter what soups he or she would recommend. […]

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How Social Media Helped During Chennai Floods As A Disaster Management Tool

Chennai Floods & Social Media as a Disaster Management Tool It’s an odd feeling seeing Chennai and flood in the same sentence. To give a perspective on why it’s so odd… Chennai gets rain from the North East monsoon which starts from October. Every year low pressure areas are formed above the Bay of Bengal […]

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12 Steps In Content Marketing, A Giant Leap In Brand Building

Brand building – going beyond just recognition Unless you are from a marketing background, like me you most probably have used the term Brand in your day to day conversations to describe a Product/Service. Calling any product/service a brand in casual conversations may seem ok, but for an entrepreneur starting a new company, it matters […]

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HomeLane Delivering Brand Promise Using Digital Marketing

About HomeLane:   Started in Bangalore, HomeLane is India’s leading end to end, vertically integrated interior design and manufacturing provider with its operations based in 6 cities. They are creating the first organized tech-based solution for semi-furnishing market in India, pegged to be close to $10 billion in market size this year. HomeLane follows a […]

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