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What is Conditional Formatting and 5 great Tips on it

Introduction to Conditional Formatting When someone refers to the Formatting of a cell it means they are referring to the colors, fonts, borders, alignment, etc. of the cell. When a conditional format is applied on a cell it means the formatting of the cell is based on a condition. Why would you need this? Let’s […]

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Slicer Controlled Interactive Excel Charts | Excel Slicer

We all have some or the other time used Charts in Excel, but always struggle with when it comes to growing data. Once the data starts growing, we want to see the effect of the growing data into the chart immediately without having to do any manual settings every time. Plus, we want to be […]

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Auto Filter and Advanced Data Filtering in Excel

Filtering data simply means seeing limited data. The other data that you do not want to see doesn’t get deleted or doesn’t change in anyway, it just gets hidden. Why would you want to filter data? If you have thousands of rows of data, it’s going to be difficult to locate part of the data […]

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What is What-If-Analysis in Excel and how is it used

What-if-analysis in Excel is a tool in Excel that helps you run reverse calculations, sensitivity analysis and scenarios comparison. Decision making is a crucial part of any business or job role. When you can take decisions, which are informed based on data, the outcome of the business or project or task is always more in […]

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15 Useful Excel Functions for a Data Analyst

The primary job of a data analyst is to make sense out of raw data. Excel has a number of tools to help with this. In this post, we will focus on useful functions towards this purpose. These functions are categorised into different sections like statistical, logical, financial, etc. We will look at a few […]

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Data Cleaning Features in Power BI

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Data cleaning is utmost important for any kind of data before you can make sense out of it and generate reports. Let’s say you get a ton of data which is extremely inconsistent in spaces, Mumbai is spelt as “Mumbai”, “Mum bai”, “ Mumbai”, “Mumbai  ”, “M Mumbai”. All these 6 different spellings of Mumbai […]

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How to Use Data Validation in Excel

What is the use of Data Validation in Excel? It’s an amazing feature to control and restrict data entry being done by the user in multiple different ways. For example, using Data Validation in Excel you can allow entry of data in a particular column called City, by only allowing to choose from a drop-down. […]

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How to Import Data from Excel to SQL Server

When you compare SQL with Excel in in terms of Data storage capacity and stability, SQL wins hands-down. But to enter data in SQL manually using queries is a huge pain, especially when all your data is already lying in Excel sheets. We will thus learn to import data from Excel to SQL server. You […]

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Advanced Excel Tricks every Data Analyst Should Know

There are several types of data. It varies from simple sales data, customer data, inventory data, supply chain data, to even scientific data to social statistical data. The choice of which tool to use depends on the field of study. Here, we will understand the tools in Excel that can be used for Data Analysis. […]

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