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How to Use Social Media in Marketing

‘How to use Social Media in marketing?’ is the question that every business online or offline should be asking themselves. The question has changed from why use social media for marketing to how to effective use social media for marketing, because for the past few years’ social media has been gaining immense popularity and 2017 […]

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Top 6 Data Analytics Skills Required to Become a Data Analyst

What is Data Analysis? The world has evolved so much that people have moved from being superstitious to being logical. Unlike before, people now correlate events and occurrences rationally to ascertain the cause of problems and proffer possible solutions. Therefore, data analysis refers to a method in which data is collected and organized in such a […]

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How should I Study Data Analytics using R?

Data analysis is increasingly gaining popularity, and the question of how to perform data analytics using R? is also becoming important, due to the importance of R as a tool that enables data analysts to perform data analysis and visualization. An important term coined in data analytics using R is exploratory data analysis, it is […]

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How to Learn Data Analytics using Python?

Data analyst is one of the hottest professions of the time. Learning Python is easy for any IT based student. Here in this article you are going to learn how Python is helpful for data analysis. Python is in trend these days and its community support is tremendous. Once you are a Python expert, you […]

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How to Learn Data Analytics

Learning about data analysis shouldn’t feel so overpowering and difficult to the point of discouragement. So I’m here to share my guidance for starters in data analysis.  Concentrate on learning the procedure and methods of working with data. Each programming language has its particular eccentricities, which can lead to a considerable frustration when coding. It’s […]

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Best SEO Techniques to Rank on the First Page

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization popularly referred to by the acronym SEO is a technique of direct marketing employed to rank a webpage on top results to increase the number of the visitors on website. Search Engine Optimization is done through writing SEO optimized content for a website. An optimized content means writing the […]

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