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Importance Of Integrating Offline & Online Marketing Activities

Integrating Offline & Online Marketing Television, print, outdoor, were once regarded as the triumvirate of marketing – predominant media channels that transmitted the brand to the public at large.  The Internet challenged that paradigm and opened a ‘new frontier’ in marketing. Marketers jumped aboard the digital gravy-train, persuaded by its facility for real-time customer engagement […]

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Why Analytics Is Critical For Marketing Success

There was a time, not so long ago, when marketers assumed a ‘spray and pray’ approach to marketing.  They sprayed the marketing budget over the spectrum of media elements – television, print, radio, outdoor etc. – and prayed that their efforts would pay off.   And when it didn’t, they sprayed some more and hoped for […]

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The Role Of Social Media in Crisis Communication

With over 2 billion people using social media channels, its impact cannot be overstated.  Facebook alone has 1.78 billion monthly users; nearly  400 million tweets are despatched from Twitter accounts everyday.  Social media has undoubtedly redefined our communication landscape – it has changed the way information is transmitted and consumed. This new-age phenomenon is a […]

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How To Manage Your Personal Brand Using Social Media

Social Media is arguably the most transformational phenomenon in recent history. It has rendered a flat, transparent and interactive world. Platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other web-based publishing tools, have provided ready outlets for self-expression. The fact that these platforms have grown astronomically, bears testament to our rampant dependence on them. Thanks to social media, […]

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Cogent Brand Building Strategies Using Social Media

The advent of social media in the late 90s opened up a new frontier in Marketing. Marketers climbed aboard the internet bandwagon, to explore the ‘new media’ terrain.  Initial apprehension would give away to delight, as consumers took to social media by the droves. Today, social media entails nearly 2.1 billion accounts, just over 2/3rds of […]

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