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Add These Top 5 Strategies To Your Social Media Marketing Plan In 2015

2015 is certainly going to be the year of Social Media Marketing.Its rise is going to be exponential this year.With brands ready to tap the power of Social Media Marketing to increase their customers ,the competition is going to be fierce.Every Social Media platform is going to be used by marketers to promote their business.And […]

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Volkswagen’s Social Media Strategical ‘People’s Car Project’ Wins Fans in China

About Volkswagen Established in 1937, Volkswagen is a German automobile manufacturer headquartered in Wolfsburg,Lower Saxony, Germany.It is the biggest automaker in both Germany and Europe.The Volkswagen Group’s models are sold in more than 150 countries.It’s product range extends from small cars to luxury class vehicles and trucks.In 2014, the Group increased the number of vehicles delivered to […]

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What Is Social Media Analytics

Internet has caused globalization like never before, especially so after the advent of social networking, which has changed the way people interact in social circles. Every day, internet users all over the world express their opinions on products,brands,and services, even on websites that are not at all linked to the brands in question.Therefore, Social Media […]

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Avoid These Mistakes For Better Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing is considered to be an effective tool for marketer’s of the modern age.Organizations spend millions and billions of their marketing budget on Social Media Marketing to build brands.If an organization thinks they can still ignore the social platforms to promote their brand then they are oblivious to the impact Social Media can […]

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Use Social Media Marketing To Build A Profitable Business Within Days

We live in a world where ‘Social Media’ is no more an alien term.With rise of social media everyday it’s impact on business cannot be ignored.Multinationals,SME’s,Startups etc. are realizing the importance of Social Media for their growth in the future.Everyone wants to make their presence felt on various Social Media platforms and use Social Media […]

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Dove Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Increase Brand Loyalty To 27.6%

About Dove Dove is a global personal care brand for both men and women, started in 1957 in the US,under Unilever.Now it has established its presence over 80 countries.The brand currently includes Beauty Cleansing Bar,Shampoos,Deodorants,Face Washes,Hand and Body Lotions,Body Washes,Conditioners and Hair Styling Products.Dove has embraced the real beauty of women at the core of […]

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