Avaya used Twitter to set up a six figure deal via Social Media Strategy : Case Study

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About Avaya:


Avaya is one of the world’s leaders in business collaboration and communication solutions which contributes  unified communications, real-time video collaboration, contact center, networking and related services to companies of all sizes worldwide.1995, the company that would become Avaya was part of another called Lucent Technologies. In 2000, those employees decided to off shoot this business and focus their energies on communications solutions for business customers. Since 2001, the company has sold and acquired many companies, including: VPNet Technologies, Inc., VISTA Information Technologies Inc., RouteScience, Tenovis, Spectel, NimCat Networks, Traverse Networks, Ubiquity Software Corporation, Agile Software NZ Limited, Konftel, Sipera, Aurix and Rad vision.  Avaya concentrated more on digital media. Lets see how Avaya used  Twitter which helped them in generating a $2,50,000 sale in just 13 days by actively following  to Twitter tweets.

Avaya Business Objectives :

Like all companies, Avaya wanted more leads. They also would like to better understand their customers impressions of them. To achieve these goals Avaya began harnessing the power of social listening, that is, paying attention to conversations on social channels such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs/forums. As the number of brand notifications progress from 1000 to 2,500 weekly this turn into very tedious responsibility. Consequently Avaya were forced  turn to social listening tools for some extra fire power.

Avaya is following a practical yet inflexible process.  And this process is entrenched in a significant belief.  That is the key to making social media tools literally source sales is witnessing the opportunity itself in a strange approach.  Twitter is a new tool.   But it’s not a revolution.  Twitter is here to aid us do what we’ve always been demanded to do: Translate evolving customer needs by finding, nurturing and conquer the requirement.Hence, Avaya is using Twitter to discover conversations that are worth having. Converse in a manner that generate questions that they can answer about their products/services . Align discussions with conventional lead management processes.

In other words, they’re investigating if Twitter is a chance to grab at prospects’ attention (advertise) Or as a advanced channel to drive concession through.  They’re thinking  differently about the opportunity social media offer and  so far it’s working.  Let’s swiftly investigate how this is true.  And how you can immediately apply the idea.

Avaya Twitter  Strategy :


Avaya would be wherever people are communicating today. The company’s social media exercise initiated informally and develop naturally. First, it was mostly a matter of supporting and managing existing customers, many of whom need replacements as ancient telephone phone systems are retired. It brings  social, multimedia experience to enterprise telephony.Interacts with a couple of dozen customers through social media on a weekly basis. Through listening, the team also come across sales opportunities. Consequently, 58 characters of a simple Tweet started the liaison with a potential customer.

“shoretel or Avaya? Time for a new phone system very soon,” the Tweet says.

“In a shorter duration maybe 15 minutes, they had seen it and evaluate what the heck to say to this guy,” Dunay said.

“I wrote back, ‘We have some highly trained techs who can help you understand your needs best and help you make an unbiased  decision. Give me a call.’”

Dunay introduced the gentleman to a business partner, and 13 days later, they closed a $250,000 sale.

At the same time, the unique customer’s follow-up Tweet passed out: “we have picked Avaya as our new phone system. Delighted by the technology and benefits.”

“We were there. We were listening. It pays to listen.” They can’t say that they hit 100% of the conversations where they have wanted to be, although it’s probably 60–70%. But on their brand name, it is 117%.

Results Achieved by Avaya :

50 virtual team members volunteer to monitor 1,000–2,500 acknowledgements of Avaya online every week. A simple Twitter post led to a $250K sale 13 days later. Avaya proactively limit many support concerns before the customer ever initiate a legal support request.

In conclusion Avaya achieved $250,000 sale  with a loyal fan base. Avaya sees potential issues before they even arrive. As a results of this, not only can they close sales contract, they can also keep prevailing clients happy.  Long haul this could benefit them to a much larger extent than one singular sale.

Learnings from Avaya Twitter Strategy :

Listening more and  then talking . Try broadcasting endless sales messages, it doesn’t work.Listen first, and join the conversation second.Personalized interaction isn’t personal if it’s computerized. Social media players forecast legitimate people and  responses.Utilized social listening tools well to widen the relationship. Avaya went to  their customers were ever they are  and participated in lot of discussions. Go where your customers are and listen! Avaya had deep and prevalent conversations with as many people as possible.Through this they were able to build a better brand to profound relationships with their customers.Look for conversations on related topics in social media and contribute if you can add value.

Photo Credits: Avaya.com, makesocialmediasell.com

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