Aviva Gets 304% Unique Clicks Through With Changed Email Strategy

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aviva_JPEG_rgb_400x400About Aviva:

Aviva with 31 million customers across 16 countries is a British Multinational company with headquarter at London, UK. Aviva is one of the leading general and life insurance providers in UK. It is also second largest insurers in Canada. This company was formed in the year 2000 with the name CGNU plc. while in the year 2002, company shareholders changed its name to ‘Aviva plc’ derived the Latin word ‘viva’ which means life.

Aviva’s Business Objective:

Usually, insurers sends single email to prospects every year and it is sent a month before it is due to renew their insurance. Aviva; however, figured out that the response from these customers was not up to expectations. Therefore, to improve the response rate on emails Aviva decided to start an email campaign along with Alchemy Worx to generate more response and to reach their customers on regular interval rather than dropping them a single mail on yearly basis.

Approaches/ Strategy Adopted by Aviva:

aviva2Aviva embarked a new email strategy along with Alchemy Worx to reach their customers more often through series of emails and interesting content in their inbox.

While implementing the complete new email campaign, a couple of challenges faced by the company. The first and foremost challenge was that a valuable content was much needed demand for series of emails, so that it do not leave negative impact on the brand and provide value to the customers. Therefore, an effective content strategy for email was required to engage with their customers.

Since Alchemy Worx was chosen to help Aviva in this email campaign, so on the basis of past open, click and quote metrics a proper analysis and research was done by Alchemy Worx on the pattern of engagement by email subscribers.

So in order to help Aviva in increasing their send frequency, Alchemy Worx suggested increasing number of emails in an incremental manner across the year. Along with this, they executed a survey to look into that what kind of content should be used in a newsletter and other emails. With the help of this survey, they were able to plan and strategize for their content.

With the help of monthly emails, Aviva used to educate its customers about its products and services in greater breadth. Furthermore, it helped them in including content driven newsletters with the content which could provide value to their customers. In first three months of this content strategy generated commendable results for the company.

Results Achieved by Aviva:

This strategy generated incredible results. It majorly helped in achieving following results:

  • 304% increase in unique clicks from emails sent.
  • 292% increase in total clicks from email sent.
  • 48% increase in requested quotes by customers.
  • 45% improvement in email revenue.
  • Increase email frequency made it best suitable channel to promote launch of Aviva Drive App, which further resulted into highest number of downloads even before its launch on TV.

This case study is the true example of right set of content strategy implementation in uniquely new style of email. Few learning grasped from this case study are mentioned below:

  • Email serves to be one of best modes of engagement with customers, if implemented properly and at right time.
  • Proper content strategy is must for every email campaign.
  • Content used in email should be engaging and should bestow value to the customers.

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