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Avoid 2 Big PPC Mistakes To Do Search Engine Marketing Right

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The following mistakes should be avoided while running one’s PPC campaigns and getting the Search Engine Marketing right:SEM

Do Not Use Long Unplanned Keyword list And Understand The USP Of Product

One must invest sufficient time in choosing the keywords for the PPC campaign. The selection of keywords should be done in such a way that one gets good traffic to the website leading to conversions. One must include the core keywords which form exact matches to the search and also the broad phrases which may be used by a customer in his search query. It will be vital to select keywords basis the customer’s point of view. Another simple way to get relevant keywords is by asking one’s friends and family to list words which they would think of while searching for the product. Also, simply choosing keywords which get more traffic may not be a good idea especially for a paid campaign. Doing so can lead to good traffic but how relevant the same would be to get conversions might be doubtful. Hence, this could lead to failure of the campaign if not monitored regularly.

It is mandatory to ensure that ones service stands out in comparison to the competition. Also, services with high visibility have better chances of getting sold. One should be able to think of all features that the service has which is different from what the competition is offering. No matter how small the niche is, it should be used to pull traffic. The relevancy of the keywords is also an important factor to be kept in mind. The keyword should have high relevancy to the service.

For example, there are a number of online options for women’s clothing. Suppose, a marketer requires to bring traffic to his website, he will need to think of a feature which is different from what the competitor is offering. Supposing this marketer also sells maternity wear, he can then market this as his niche. The visibility of his website shall increase and this would bring about an increase in traffic.

homepageDirecting All Customers To The Homepage And Using Single Ad Group

A common mistake that one can make is to bring all the traffic on to the homepage of the website. This mistake can leave the customers dissatisfied, as after landing on the homepage, they will then need to search the website for the service or product that they are looking for. Instead, if the marketer brings the customer to the exact landing page, the customer will be better satisfied. For example, if a customer is looking for fairness cream and searches for fairness cream and basis this search the marketer brings him on the homepage of his cosmetics website, then the customer will need to search for the relevant page selling fairness cream. He may or may not find the product and hence may or may not lead to any conversions. To avoid this situation, the marketer should bring the customer to the exact page selling fairness products. This will provide the customer what he is looking for and then will be more likely to buy the product. Also, the quality of the content on the website should be accurate and high in quality. The ad rank of the ad is directly impacted by the quality score of the landing page. For a low quality content website, the quality score will be low, bringing down the ad rank. Hence, a higher bid will be required, leading to expensive marketing costs.

The factors getting impacted by the quality of a website are:

  • High CTR – For high quality score of the content, high Click through rate is achieved
  • High Quality Score – With a high CTR, high quality score can be achieved
  • High Ad rank – For high quality score of the content, high Ad rank is achieved

As the well known saying goes, “do not put all your eggs in the same basket”, one should refrain from relying on a single advertisement. As a thumb of rule, an ad group should at least contain 2 ads, if not more, which should be regularly monitored. The results given by these ads should be tracked on a regular basis to decide if the same should be continued, modified or removed. The ads which perform better and deliver good results should be continued while the ones lacking potential should be modified or removed. The bid amount allocated to these ads should be tracked to check if the competition has outbid, leading to loss of traffic. Again, the ads giving a higher ROI should be allocated a higher bid amount.

Monitoring of the ads is also a very important aspect for any successful PPC campaign. One must make sure that if one cannot do regular monitoring of the ads, then one should not go for a paid marketing campaign. Any paid campaign will require prompt tracking of the performance else this will lead to wastage of the monies allocated to advertising. The ad settings should be modified on a regular basis to check what works best for the advertising campaign. Also, the keywords should be monitored to check which ones get maximum traffic and which ones do not get any traffic. The traffic landing on the website should be checked for relevancy and should bring about conversions to the business. Keywords bringing traffic, which do not show any conversions should be replaced with better alternatives.

These are some big mistakes which one should avoid committing, to get the best out of a PPC campaign. Running a PPC campaign is an on going process and does not end in a single step. Regular monitoring and updation of the ad settings, only can bring the PPC campaign to run successfully.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      PPC is a very useful marketing technology and organizations invest a lot on this. This makes it even more attention seeker. When marketers use PPC, they forget the real requirement of keyword and they don’t set any limit on the numbers. This creates lot of confusion as a result the visibility in search engines drops. There must variation in the content as well. This will help to monitor the performances.

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