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Avoid 2 Big PPC Mistakes To Do Search Engine Marketing Right

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Search Engine Marketing has off-late proven itself to be one of the most effective and successful forms of online advertisements to boost online sales and visibility. Over the past few years, Search Engine Marketing has turned into a billion dollar industry. The success rate of PPC campaigns has witnessed the growth in demand for search engine marketing. There have been a lot of companies and businesses relying on search engine marketing for a major part of revenue generation. Many start-ups have emerged on digital platforms in last few years which look to boost online sales and visibility and do not get expected results. The reason behind not getting enough return on investment with their Adwords campaign is the poor execution of the campaign. There are a few factors which need to be focused onto while setting up a PPC campaign so as to meet the stated objectives and get the desired results. To squeeze everything out of your Google Adwords campaign, you need to execute the campaign by avoiding 2 big PPC mistakes:

Don’t make a long list of PPC keywords

Every keyword that you find on adwords has other better options of keywords having more targeted traffic. Keyword research is therefore one of the most important parts of a successful PPC campaign. Keyword Research is basically finding the most relevant keywords for your website. A good keyword research helps the user to achieve better results sooner than expected. It also helps the user to get a better conversion rate by targeting relevant audience. There are a lot of free and paid keyword planner tools available online enabling the users to get a lot of information about which keywords to target.

A good keyword research means keywords focused  on high quality as well as being cost effective. To get better ROI on PPC campaigns, the keywords should have higher traffic which eventually lead to higher conversions. There are some experts who believe that quantity of keywords is also a major factor in determining the success of a PPC campaign but that is not the case as far as you are paying for the keywords and the relevant traffic. To extract the most out of your PPC campaign, You just need to be specific with the keywords so as to generate relevant traffic and thus conversions. It is not always the high traffic keywords that generate the highest ROI. Sometimes it can be 2-3 keywords with less traffic and more relevance lead to better conversion rate.

Therefore Keyword Research is considered as one of the most important aspects of executing a PPC campaign. It could lead a business to earn profits on an exponential curve whereas a less thorough keyword research could also disappoint the user as it fails to meet the business objectives.

Failing to track results

Tracking and measuring the effectiveness of the PPC campaign is the most important part of setting up a PPC campaign. One needs to track to find whether or not the traffic is relevant or  where the traffic is coming from. Tracking basically assists the company or the e-tailers in knowing its customers more closely so as to make it a worthwhile experience both for the companies as well as the customer. If you are not able to track results that have been generated by your PPC campaign, you are possibly betting on something risky. To check if the campaign is effective and is meeting the stated objectives, one needs to keep a track of the results and analyse the same. The tracking and measuring helps the user with better management of ad campaign, review the campaign settings and a better insight into the customers. Analytics helps the user to find how better the campaign has performed and whether or not they are moving ahead with the same campaign. Analytics basically provides a report card of the campaign so it actually tells how well you have performed and what more needs to be done to get even better.

There are a lot of analytics tools available in the market such as Google Analytics which can give you data about the users on your website and how they behave so as to get a better consumer insight. Analytics help the user to determine every minute information about the user such as age, location, device etc. Such data measurement helps in making the user experience smooth on the web which ultimately leads to higher engagement of user and better conversion rate.

It must also be noted that there are constant updates released by Google which lead to a change in algorithm and ultimately the campaign needs to be looked over again. So this is a continuous process and needs to be monitored closely to get better returns. So in case of such updates, tracking helps the firms to know what areas to target or what changes do they need to make to make the campaign successful.

So, these are the 2 major things that need to be taken care of before executing a PPC campaign. There are other mistakes as well which e-tailers or small online retailers generally make while executing a PPC campaign such as Having no marketing strategy, Ignoring the competitors, Not making most out of local searches,  Irrelevant landing page, Not calling customer for action, Neglecting responsive landing pages, Not using Ad extensions, Poor website navigation, Leaving out important negative keywords, Failing to use on the expensive keywords, Ignoring other Search Engines, Avoiding the automated rules, Failing to make use of remarketing and many more.

All these mistakes need to be taken care of  so as to increase the effectiveness of the PPC campaign and to extract maximum returns on investment. If all these factors are taken into consideration before setting up the campaign, a PPC campaign could result in achieving new heights for a business on the virtual world. A PPC campaign if implemented effectively can surely yield exponential growth for a business in a short span of time.

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