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Avoid Making These 5 Deadly On-Page Optimization Sins

Avoid Making These 5 Deadly On-Page Optimization Sins

A monument can only be build when the base is strong or else, one day it will fall for sure. Same kind of rule even apply for your website too. If you are expecting to make your website visible at the top SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), you must have to consider every aspect of your website build up. All the on-page element plays a vital role in making your website visible at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Even if you have a less concern about the off-page elements, you on page elements can save the day for your website.


A loosely build up website can be a disaster. Later you might throw a handful of cash for making things right but on-page optimization will save your all possible wastage of your valuable money. You might get lucky and generate a good amount of traffic for your website by off-page optimization but this led your website to the top the Google search Engine ranking. This is the very reason you should not overlook the importance of on-page optimization for your website, for, it is your best chance of getting the best shot at increasing your number of visitors in the website at a minimum cost.


The mistakes made in on-page optimization cannot be taking lightly. And this is the reason why it is not just a mistake but a sin for you to commit, a deadly sin, which may led to fatal circumstances of your website. Out of all those deadly on-page optimization sins, most lethal are 5 sins. Which are collected below for you to keep in mind and not take them lightly as the very reputation of your website visibility lies on your hands, the way you look in the on-page optimization of your website.

  1. Not using Web Analytics to Analyze your Website

It has been noticed that there are people who keep on adding all new tools in there website to make it work. All that they want is to gain a decent number of visitors that can take their website to the top the Google ranking. But sadly that effort and money invested on it have a very low return, as most of their effort don’t even count in the actual cause of the rising traffic.


This is the reason why smart people has developed web analytics tool. And it is very odd that still there are websites who are not able to leverage their benefits. Web analytics report is very useful to screen out the factors that is actually bringing in more traffic for your website. This way you can curb all your extra expenses in on-page page optimization.

  1. Not Optimizing for Local Search

Any type of business must always consider the local potential customers. If you are not doing so you might be losing big time. Those are cash that you can grab right from in and around our own boundary. Same is the case when you have a website and not making for your local visitors. It is very likely that your local ranking will be lesser than that of world ranking. So, the chances of finding your website by local internet users is much higher than that of others.


This is the reason why use must never forget about your local users of internet while making changes in on-page element of your website. This can be done by proper use of keywords. Tools like keywords can provide you a big help in making it possible to make a list of all those local words that are mostly searched for. Those words must be used as keywords in on-page elements to align with the minds of your local visitors, and give them what they are looking for.

  1. Use of Duplicate Title Tags and Meta Description


Do you like to read same thing over and over again, I guess not many of you would like to do that, it’s so boring. Infact, no one gonna give a damn about what you write when they see it’s the same kind of concept that day read last time in someone other blog. But what’s your first and foremost goal? The only reason that you are making a content is to receive a click from a potential customer for your website. Not all time that you make content can led to a unique one. And in that case the best thing that you can do is to not use duplicate tile tags and meta tags. Whatever may be the content inside, when people look at the meta tags of the links to it they must feel, there is something unique in there for them. Hopefully people will forget about the old saying of ‘Don’t judge a Book by its cover’ and make their call to click the link to your website.

  1. Use of Same Anchor Text for Internal Links


All those link that takes you from one page to the other is because of the use of anchored text used in the html coding. This anchored text must have to be related to the links that that are pointing to, that a sort rule that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) follows. Most importantly you must make sure that while doing on-page optimization you take care about all this anchored text and make them different. Too many use of rich anchored links can be a problem in case they are not different.

  1. Low Quality Content


Producing a rich content has always remained a big cases for most of the websites. It’s hard to keep unique contents flowing out of nowhere every day. But that is something that really makes a difference when it comes to on-page optimization. The coverts are less when you have a low quality content. Hope you are getting to read a quality content in here. A content which is relevant for the readers must be brought in notice to obtain high conversation rate.


Well here is the good news ‘Your sins have been lifted and you are free to enter Heaven’. This deadly sin could have been all that would take away your name and fame of your website. Lucky for you that you came in here to wash out all those 5 deadly sins of on-page optimization.

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