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Avoid These 4 Hashtag Mistakes On Twitter

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Hashtags, which were first introduced on Twitter are capable in adding depth to your Twitter strategy. However, at the same time it is also essential to use them with caution or else they might even break you.

Therefore, today in this post, we will discuss some mistakes that should be avoided while using hashtags on twitter.

Spamming with Hashtags

When it comes to using Hashtags on twitter, less is actually more. In fact twitter also recommends using not more than 2 hashtags in your tweet, which is also a thumb rule that needs to be followed. Moreover, since you have only 140 characters to use, it would be better if you do not use this space with a bunch of tags. Moreover, there are not many people that would prefer to read more than 2 hashtags as most people would just glance at them. Moreover, some might even decide to block you.

Avoiding long hashtags

Overly long hashtags are not really attractive. They are simply considered to be an eyesore and takes too much effort while reading them. Since hashtags are without any space, it would be better if you make them short or else people will just go ahead and skip right over them. Always try to create short and sweet hashtags.

Avoid difficult to read hashtags

People would be less interested in reading hashtags that are difficult to understand. Therefore, it is essential that you create hashtags that are easy to understand and are also relevant so that users can get some clue about the related conversation right from the beginning.

Failure to promote

Hashtags are considered to be a valuable asset and hence it is essential that you take some time out to promote it. You can display it above the fold on your website, in your email signature and also newsletters and various promotional emails. In fact, you can also promote your hashtags in non-twitter posts.

These are some of the common hashtags mistakes that should be avoided by online marketers as they can impact your business in a great way. Make sure you keep them in mind use them more effectively the next time you plan any business promotional activity.

Kapil Nakra is a first generation Serial Entrepreneur. Kapil has co-founded 3 companies in the last 17 years. In his recent engagement, it takes care of Product and Delivery at Digital Vidya, the company he started in 2009. Digital Vidya is a leading Digital Marketing and Data Analytics Training Company. As a pioneer of Digital Marketing in India, Kapil has grown along with the Internet Industry as a User, a Service Provider and now as an Educator.

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