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Avoid These Mistakes For Better Social Media Marketing Plan

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1Social media marketing has now become an integral part of online advertising for any size of business. With the usage of social media becoming rampant among adults, marketers use this platform to increase the exposure of their business to new users.

In order to ensure that one makes the most out of their social media campaigns, one should look at certain do’s and don’ts which need to be followed. Let us briefly discuss some of the mistakes that one should avoid to ensure optimum results out of the marketing campaign.

Relying on Too Many Social Media Platforms

The choice of social media platform for advertising should be done basis the type of business and the target audience. For example, If the business website has a high amount of images and videos as content and the target audience largely comprises of women, then one should go for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as the chosen platforms for advertising. Similarly, for professional services and products, platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter will be able to generate good outcome. Hence, the selection of the platform should be such that it yields maximum ROI.

Failing To Use Hashtags

2One should not underestimate the power of using hashtags for one’s marketing campaigns. While creating a marketing campaign, one should go for creating a hashtag of your own. This is so because, in case the hashtag gets viral, then it can generate significant results for one’s marketing campaign. It is important to create a hashtag which has a specific message, which is interesting, catchy and full of clarity.

Also, brands should use hashtags which are trendy and latest to get that spike generated through trending conversations containing your brand name. There are various tools available online which one can use to generate trending hashtags like, These sites can help you select hashtags which are trendy and related to your business and also to check if they are already being overused by other marketers.

Relying Only On Social Media Marketing

Some marketers make the mistake of putting all their eggs in one basket and relying only on social media marketing for online advertising. It is important to also invest enough time and effort to other areas like business website, online blogs, product details, etc so as to ensure that the full potential of the social media marketing is tapped. This is called WPO framework i.e. Web Presence Optimization. It is important to have relevant and latest information on the product page so that the user feels satisfied with the information and details available about the product on the business website. For example, if a user clicks on a Facebook advertisement for fairness cream, then he should be directed to the website containing details about the product and how to go about ordering the same. In order to do so, the webpage should be kept updated with the latest information.


Overselling essentially means pushing one’s product too hard on the consumers. Many marketers go overboard in trying to sell their product to their consumers. While doing so they fail to realize that this may not bring about the desired result, on the contrary can lead to wastage of marketing spend. The marketers should realize that their promotional campaigns should not only contain details about the product but also be able to show concern towards the consumer in order to build a good fan base.

Not Using Visuals To Drive Traffic

The power of visuals is a well known fact. In order to capture the attention of the users, it is very crucial to make use of visuals in the advertisements. Visuals make the advertisements more interesting, informative, descriptive, catchy and colourful. Any advertisement can generate more traffic if also contains visuals in addition to text.

Including Full URL In The Description

A common mistake that marketers make is to include the full URL in the description. When a link is pasted in the status field, a clickable image is created by Facebook. This makes the link pasted in the description redundant, which should be removed and replaced with an interesting description. It is important to remember that the bare link should not be used in place of the description.

Unscheduled Postings

A number of marketers keep posting posts without giving any interval in between posts. Due to this, there is likelihood that the users might overlook some of the posts. Hence, it is important to use scheduling tools like Buffer and Hootsuite which are of great help for marketers to schedule their posts at regular interval. It is also important to have posts at regular intervals so as to ensure that the consumers remain engaged with the brand and do not forget. A regular schedule will be beneficial for loyal consumers to expect a post.

Ignoring Comments

This is a very grave mistake made by marketers of not responding to comments received from consumers. A large number of consumers take the pains to comment about a product on Facebook and tweet on Twitter about their experience. It is very important for marketers to acknowledge the same by responding to the comments and keeping the consumers engaged. These consumers should be thanked for their positive comments and attended to immediately for any negative comments. If the same is ignored, the consumer can be left unsatisfied leading to loss of brand value.

Not Monitoring and Measuring Results

In order to optimize the business marketing efforts, it is important for marketers to monitor and measure the output of the campaigns. Multiple ads must be created for any campaign and the results of these ads should be monitored on a regular basis. The ads which are under performing should be removed or modified and the ads giving good output should be retained.

Using these tips one can look at generating good output out of one’s marketing campaign. These tips are simple and easy to adopt and can be used to increase the potential of any online marketing campaign. Hence, by keeping in mind these mistakes which should be avoided by any marketer, setbacks can be prevented and further growth in the online presence can be achieved.

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