SEO Mistakes to Avoid & Ensure Better Rank in SERPs

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Do you know?

  • 77% of visitors never scroll past the 1st page of search results
  • 67% of the links that users click-on are organic links
  • 64% marketers have extended their SEO Budget
  • Top 3 results get 62% of all search clicks
  • 15% close rate is guaranteed by SEO
Duane Forrester-source- LinkedIn-Duane Forrester

source- LinkedIn-Duane Forrester

SEO is powerful in ensuring success for online businesses. It enhances conversion rates, ensures authority and ultimately aids in increasing sales and ROI.

                  “On a broad scale, I see SEO becoming a normalized marketing tactic, the same way TV, radio, and print are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics.” – says Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager, Bing

Why is SEO inevitable for businesses?

  • It builds branding and guarantees credibility
  • It efficiently attracts relevant traffic & engages them
  • It lets you understand mentality of your target audience
  • It has well-targeted strategies that convert visitors into customers
Trond Lyngbo-source-LinkedIn Trond Lyngbo

source-LinkedIn Trond Lyngbo

“SEO is highly targeted, down to minor details. Using keyword analysis, you can find just how big a “market” is, how many people are searching for that exact keyword, how competitive the arena is (in SERPs), and with some keen deductive reasoning, even identify the intent behind keyword searches.”- says Trond Lyngbo, Senior SEO Consultant & Founder at Search Planet AS & Search Engine Land columnist

               SEO services are quite effective in lifting your site above your competitors and enhancing your sales. They provide befitting SEO strategies that aid business owners have sites that top on SERPs. SEO experts provide unique setting that entices users. Search engine optimization has to be a top priority, and you need to pay heed upon SEO from the designing and development stages.

              Content marketing, link building and analytical analysis are other important aspects that need immaculate attention for ensuring optimized existence of your site.

Inbound marketing strategies are based on search ranking and as mentioned above; top three search results get 62% clicks from users, and 77% visitors never scroll past 1st page, it is very important to have SEO that can ensure top search rankings.

             However, there are common mistakes that let you struggle in gaining needed exposure in search engine results. Mostly it happens because of some inadvertent/common SEO mistakes that even SEO experts do not recognize. If your site is not accurately optimized for SERPs, then you can never get high ranking.

Urgently need to increase website traffic via organic search?

Ensure SEO expert of your site is not making any of the most common SEO mistakes (mentioned below) because unnoticed mistakes like broken links, keyword stuffing, non-unique title tags or duplicate content may hurt your chance of getting high ranks in SERPs.

Common SEO Mistakes that you need to avoid:

  • Optimization of Wrong Keywords

Occupying your website with those keywords that do not suit your page has to be avoided. Using keywords that users do not search will never aid you in ensuring ranks in SERPs, additionally; it will hurt your chances of being ranked. Search engines will never recognize your site if you use wrong keywords that are not relevant to your site.             

            To resolve such issues you need to make sure that your marketer is using keywords that your audiences are potentially searching for. Perfect keyword research will aid you in reaping massive rewards that will offer high ranks in SERPs and will increase your revenues. Search engines love sites that have quality content with relevant keywords.

  • Inclusion of Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are extremely important to ensure SEO success, and sometimes SEO experts include Keyword stuffing in their strategy to attract Google, but ultimately stuffing of keywords kicks down ranking of your site. Overuse of Keywords within a page is considered as Keyword stuffing and it is a prohibited practice in SEO. Google does not like when you commit keyword stuffing just to rank high in SERPs.

      Keyword stuffing is a big blunder, it creates link spam, and to ensure good ranking in search results, you have to avoid keyword stuffing. It is inevitable to work your keywords into your page content in a manner that they do not seem out of place, and add to the value of your SEO content.

  • Avoiding the use of Analytics

Analytics play one of the most important roles in the optimization of your online presence and if analytics are not included in your SEO strategy then this can be a severe SEO mistake. Analytics are very significant and not comprising it in your SEO campaigns will let you stay unaware of your site traffics.

Without measuring your website traffic, you can never be able to measure the impact of your SEO practice. To resolve this SEO mistake, it is important to configure Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to your site as it will let you stay updated with analytical results about the traffic coming to your site. Google

  • Having Broken Links in your Content

Having broken link is another common SEO mistake that can hurt search ranking of your site. Broken links are hyperlinks that are incapable of pointing to its intended page as such links go nowhere and earn you a bad reputation. Sometimes it leads to wrong sites that plunges down the ranking of your site and hurts your online presence.

                To fix the problem of broken links you need to ensure regular housekeeping of your website. Such links are frustrating, embarrassing and they bring down navigation. Scouring your site for broken links should be a routine part of your site maintenance, and you should periodically check links for ensuring quality experience to your visitor.

  • Practice of Copying Content

If you use copied content for the SEO of your site then that is one of the most devastating SEO-mistakes that will ruin online-presence of your site. Never steal or copy any content from your competitor’s site as Google pushes ranking of such sites down. Sometimes, sites that have copied content are de-indexed altogether, which will be havoc for search ranking of such sites.  

         To avoid such SEO mistakes, you should take your own initiative and spend time and money to hire quality writers who can write something awesome for you. Content that is unique, engaging, creative and ensures quality always aids in boosting online presence of websites.

  • Inclusion of Content Duplication

Having duplicate copy of the same page within your own site is a bad practice, which is avoidable. If your site has content duplication then Google will index it as one page and authority of your site will decrease. Search engines make all their efforts to display diverse results to users, and if they find that you deliberately do content duplication for manipulating ranking, then they drop your site to the bottom of search results.

     To resolve issue of content duplication, it is extremely important to write unique copy for all the pages of your site. SEO content related to your site should also be unique and engaging, as this will increase the number of visitors on your site, and will aid in increasing your site’s ranking in SERPs. Tools like Siteliner, Google DMCA are helpful in finding duplicate content and resolving content duplication problems.

  • Having Poor Content Quality

Content is most important factor that drives traffic and ensures conversion, and if your site has poor content of secondary quality then ranking will for sure go down. Content is always king that convinces visitors to be your potential customers, and for an online business, having quality content to garner a top spot in SERPs is inevitable.

  To avoid such mistakes, you need to build a solid content strategy and hire quality writers who can write effective, well-researched, engaging and interactive content on topics that are interesting to your target audience. 

  • Having Non-Unique Title Tags

Non-unique title tags negatively influence position of your site in search results and that is why, you have to avoid putting same page titles in different pages of your site. Most of the CMS systems such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla may also be responsible for such problems as sometimes they auto generate title and cause problems of non-unique title tags.

        You can resolve such issues by ensuring unique page titles as title tags are the first line of clickable text, which appears in search engine results. You need to avoid same keyword title for every page as this can make title tags look like spam that will minimize your chances of attracting traffic for related keywords.

  • Inclusion of Non-Unique Meta Descriptions

Having repetitive or non-unique Meta Description is another SEO mistake that can minimize your chance of getting high rank in search results. Excessive keyword repetition should also be avoided in Meta Description; each web page of your site must have unique description.

     You need to ensure that your site does not have repetitive description, and hire writers who can create descriptive as well as persuasive Meta description within 160-character limit. Use of your most important keyword in your Meta description is extremely important as it ensures good ranking for your site.

  • Having Non-Credible Links

If you link to pages that have almost zero PR then that will offer zero credibility, which creates bad reputation for your site. Verifying accuracy of the information on your site is extremely important, and that is why, you need to be careful about the sources your site is linked to.

      To avoid credibility issues, you need to concentrate more on quality than quantity and link your page to authoritative Blog or Press Release sites that can confirm your claims in a guaranteed and credible manner.

On the concluding note, I would suggest you to go through your site, and see whether it has common SEO mistakes covered in this article- If yes, just find & fix them.

Once you avoid your site from committing these SEO mistakes, you ensure optimized traffic, ranking and authority for your site.

Enjoy Optimized Ranking & Increased Sales!


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