AxisSybronEndo Leveraged Inbound Marketing & Got Over 631% Sales Qualified Leads

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SybronEndo-LogoIn this recent years, inbound marketing strategy have turned out be a magic wand for many business owners. Inbound marketing have ensured 10 times more return of investment in many companies than they would have ever achieved in case of outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing strategies are highly customer centric and their strategies are designed in such a way that customers are driven towards the products and services by their own even without a push. SybronEndo is one such example of a company who leveraged inbound marketing in order to improve their sales and outcomes were splendid. They got over 631% sales qualified leads. Let’s look at the events that followed this sort of fantastic outcomes. 

About Axis|SybronEndo


AxisSybronEndo is the combination of two dental/medical companies. SybronEndo is a part of Danaher Corporation, which was founded in 1969. It is basically a conglomerate industry. The Chairman of the board of Danaher Corporation is Steven M. Rales and the post of President & CEO is taken by Thomas P. Joyce, Jr. Danaher Corporation is headquartered at Washington, D.C., United States. It operates in Five segments, namely, Test & measurement, Dental, Industrial technologies, Environmental and Life Science & Diagnostics. Out of this, the Dental segment id taken care by SybronEndo. SybronEndo manufactures endodontic instruments and dental supplies. They were facing few challenges in order to convert leads to customers so they took help of Kuno Creative.


The main challenge for SybronEndo is to implement inbound marketing strategy to drive qualified TF Adaptive leads and sales from their new as well as existing customers in their existing market place. In order to achieve this goal and overcome the challenges SybronEndo took help of Kuno Creative. The main role of Kuno Creative was to create and design strategies for content marketing, lead nurturing and marketing campaigns, by making effective use of Hubspot platform- the one who actually coined the term inbound marketing. Their main focus was to attract more and more number of qualified dentist and put them into the lead to customer conversion funnel. They focused on nurturing their existing leads until they finally become customers.

In order to achieve all this goals Kuno designed a very efficient strategy which turned out to be of great help for SybronEndo in increasing their sales.

Strategies used


Axis|SybronEndo took help of Kuno to design an inbound marketing strategy which included a marketing campaign for its new product named TFTM Adaptive which is an endodontic file instruments with a better accuracy and faster root canal preparations. This campaign took place in early 2013. Kuno Creative made a top funnel download guide which is named as “Improve Your Root Canal Preparations With Adaptive Motion Technology”.

They took in the strategy of distribution of guides as an engagement factor for driving the leads for conversion of them into customers. As an inbound marketing strategy this Guides were distributed by targeting the dentists which are out of their market coverage or the dentist which are already a lead or a visitor. They also tried to push this offers through calls to action in their website, and it social media platforms. They also tried capturing leads from journal advertisements.

Their main aim behind the distribution of Guides is to somehow put those dentists into the lead nurturing funnel. This will help SybronEndo to continuously nurture their leads with relevant contents and product promotions. The inbound marketing strategy designed for SybronEndo by Kuno Creative was a great success it have the dentists to stay updated with maximum benefits of the new products and services useful for them.


The result of the implementation of the inbound marketing strategy in SybronEndo was remarkable. The first month of SybronEndo’s TF Adaptive campaign was a big hit. This directly resulted in the dramatically increasing number of sales of the TF Adaptive product for dentists.

There was a rise of 42% website traffic in SybronEndo. A large number of new leads could be seen, which was recorded to be 508% increase in number of new leads. Marketing Qualified Leads increased to 283% which was an incredible achievement. Most interesting and outstanding achievement was of those sales qualified leads which stood to be 631%. It seems almost unrealistic to see that high grow of sales in any kind of marketing strategy. But inbound marketing strategies have a record of converting such high number of unrealistic increase in sales to reality.

Not just this they have even received new request for demonstration of their TF Adaptive products and guides. The number of such request counts to 421. The use of inbound marketing strategy led to an increase in number of customers. They successfully got 55 new customers for their product.

Their main objective of achieving a large number of leads was totally full filled by effective use of inbound marketing strategy.


The case of SybronEndo shows how effective can be the use of inbound marketing strategy. Campaign can be identified as the key tool here for the ultimate success in the number of sales of their products of SybronEndo.

Image Credits: mentorissalespower, sybronendo, jankowskidesign

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