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Whether marketing to business or to consumers, eventually means marketing to people. Then why are they considered to be different? The answer lies in the fact that in B2B, the marketing efforts are focused on relationship building to generate leads, whereas the goal of B2C marketing is product driven.

In spite of the striking differences in their approaches, there are certain ideas that all B2B marketers should adopt from B2C businesses that will help them in brand building, customer retention and increasing brand awareness.

  • Sharing information

B2C companies undertake various activities to reach out to maximum number of customers and provide all kinds of information regarding the products and services offered both online and offline. Their aim is to capture customers’ interests as quickly as possible by offering special deals, discount vouchers and coupons.

This is what even B2B companies need to be doing. It has become really important to adequately share the benefits and possible pricing of your products and services. An active website along with other forms of highly effective marketing those are common to B2C relationship such as the email marketing, social media activity and blogging should be incorporated in your marketing efforts. This helps the companies to educate various players in the target audience and move the prospect through the sales cycle.

  • Communicate your prices

B2C environment should also adopt the B2C feature of publishing the prices of their products and services. This kind of transparency will assist consumers to self educate on your products and ultimately make better choices.

  • User-oriented purchase process

Complexity of ordering processes results in users prematurely abandoning their shopping baskets. Eliminating barriers and simplifying the purchase process is another thing that B2B marketers need to learn. Find out ways to better connect with your customers and study their behaviours to predict what’s next.

  • Connecting at individual level

B2C marketers have been found making a personal level connection between their products and their prospects. This may be difficult for B2B marketers but not impossible. Connecting emotionally to the needs, beliefs and interests of people will help you stand above the crowd. In order to make a human connection, you need to shift the focus on the benefits that your product delivers, understand personal goals and emotions of your customers and craft brand messages that conveys personal values to them.

By leveraging these strategies from B2C handbook, B2B businesses can definitely improve their marketing results.

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      Yes, this could be a better way to grab the business by replicating the marketing tactics on the facts as mentioned above. In India price plays a very important role in decision making.

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