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Basics Of Media Planning By Rupam Garg At Great Indian Marketing Weekend (GIMW), 2014

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Great Indian Marketing Weekend (GIMW), 2014 serves as a platform for having a discussion on various modern marketing insights. It also helps marketing enterprises to tap clients for them.

Hence, it is very important to gather experienced guidance. Mr. Rupam Garg took this event to another level of excellence and shared some amazing thoughts on Basics of Media Planning.

  • Mobile growth is phenomenal and is fastest growing medium across country. In fact 30%-40% of yahoo and Google search come out of mobile sets.
  • Cost of One month ad on internet is equal to one time investment on ad in newspapers.
  • In comparison, Women are the one who are mostly joining social media platforms and it is no more ‘A male dominated society.’
  • YouTube can give 4 Bn user, growing at a high phase.
  • Mobile phones are the fastest growing at digital platform. There are 74 smartphone users out of Mobile Subscription.
  • If you design a plan, use digital as one piece of the important component of promoting a business.
  • We pay only if someone click on it, otherwise it is free services provided by Google.
  • Consumer needs to be segregated as Target Audience (demographics, age groups and income source etc.) and needs to be identified before making investments.
  • Comparison made on Media Terminologies (TRPs, GRPs, Coverage etc.) with Digital Media Terminologies (Page Views, Unique Visitors, CPM (cost to reach per thousand), stickiness (time spend on page), click -through rate (CTR, percentage of banner reached) to get connected through different mediums.

Hence, it would be right to say that Right Website and Digital Medium are the best platforms for any company.

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