Bausch + Lomb Used Web Analytics To Attract The Web Traffic Towards Product Information Pages Effectively

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About Bausch + Lomb:

Having global presence over almost 45 countries including India, Bausch + Lomb Stores with an experience of 120 years, is the world leader in Ophthalmic Instrumentation. It has been recognized as leading quality and innovation firm. Each of the surgical products are manufactured, designed and tested within involvement of expertise. It offers guaranteed Surgical and Ophthalmic instruments best in class and they are termed to be one of the instruments which never fail because of its good quality control check.


Bausch + Lomb Business Objectives: 

Since Bausch + Lomb produces plastic surgery, ophthalmic, ENT instruments and markets them to surgeons and doctors all over world; therefore, the team operates three websites, one for both plastic surgery and ophthalmic equipment, another for ENT equipment, and one site is shopping cart site serving both equipment sites.

Currently, the shopping cart allows customer to add products to the cart, but then the customers must have to make a contact to customer service representative to complete their purchasing. While facing this problem, the objective of Bausch + Lomb was to install Web Analytics tool to monitor code and traffic across each site. In addition to regular tracking of Analytics trends, the objective was to provide best solution so that customer does not face any difficulty while making transaction.

Approach / Strategy Adopted By Bausch + Lomb: 

While analyzing the report, Bausch + Lomb team found several observing trends to improve the performance of their site. For example “branded keywords” were the main reason to directing customers to the site. At the same time few product specific non branded keywords that drove traffic to the website often resulted in high page visits with an increased time spent on a site. Almost 90% of the visitors entered site through the “Homepage”. Also most of the visitors were using the site search features rather than using navigation within the site

The strategy applied by a team was as follows:

  • Since branded keywords were main reason to attract visitors and most of them were landing on homepage, so they optimized landing pages to rank in such a way on search engines, so that the number of visitors entering through specific product page gets increased.
  • The team also featured searched products on the homepage to help customers find exactly what they are looking for.
  • They also implemented certain testing of different links and navigation structure to provide customers with best navigation structure.
  • To address the issue of bottleneck on the login page, the team implemented specific call-to-action to direct customers to register / login to the shopping cart page and a ‘forgot password’ option to help purchaser who may have forgotten his / her login credentials.

Result Achieved By Bausch + Lomb:

The result achieved by the company was the authentic website upgrades with clearly reflecting the Bausch + Lomb brand with the new corporate identity. The enhanced functionality of website as a result of web analytics enables it to better serve its customers by making their time spent on its site more efficient and productive. Finally, “It is one of the great achievements, where helping our customers find the products they need from the name they trust” said by Chuck Hess, Senior Director of Marketing and Sales for Surgical Instruments at Bausch + Lomb.


With the help of Web Analytics i.e. Google Analytics used by Bausch + Lomb in this case they were able to track comprehensive report detailing trends not only over last 30 days but also a 6 months’ time period review. Analytics reports for the three websites included navigation pathways, entry and exit pages, referral information and finding methods are available to them with specific information relevant to each site. Thus, with the help of web analytics, one can increase sales online and enhance the site visibility to drive more traffic on web. Web analytics provided number of metrics to analyse the market trends and served better internet marketing strategy.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Is the term ‘branded keywords’ used by the company? The jargon is something new to me. I’ve heard about ‘key words’ and so far as I know the key words cannot be patented. However, the tag line used for a brand is an intellectual property of a company.

    • Apurva Ramteke

      Yes this term is used by company itself. Some of the keywords were actually driving them traffic. They Called them as Branded Keywords.


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