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Beautify Your LinkedIn Profile With Perfect Headshots

Beautify Your LinkedIn Profile With Perfect Headshots

About LinkedIn:

LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a perfect place for professionals to get connected to the industry. 400 million+ professionals are already on LinkedIn either looking for building contacts, to participate in their industry related groups, knowledge upgrade through the resource sharing. Seeking for a new job and much more can be done at LinkedIn when you know the right usage of it! The LinkedIn profile is an indeed for today’s recruiters to catch hold of the right candidate.With a simple and effective LinkedIn profile, one can showcase their professionalism to others.

How does a perfect LinkedIn profile look like?

Regardless of who you are and which industry you are into, if you want to find the great networking to expose yourself/firm/startup then definitely you should sign up for LinkedIn. Any professional goals like finding the co-partner, getting the dream job,finding a knowledge resource,mentoring for the startups everything can be achieved via LinkedIn.But, to get such opportunities it is advisable to perfect LinkedIn profile to get notified among your competitors here are the some quick facts to set in your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn profile tips

  1. The well-completed profile will talk more about you if someone is interested to get connected with you
  2. A short and neat description of  you as a personality in the summary text will sure make the interest for an employer to have a look at your profile
  3. Update it very often to show up the skills and achievements in your professional life.
  4. Make sure all the information in LinkedIn is true of your knowledge and  whenever updating a new content proofread before you post.
  5. Right usage of LinkedIn groups and LinkedIn badges and ask for a recommendation, endorsements from colleagues.
  6. More importantly have a professional profile picture which will help you in better first impression after all that is first thing that anyone  visiting your page will look at

Guidance for the better head shot:

LinkedIn headshots

Well, headshot/profile picture will be the one that catches anyone who is viewing your profile for the first time, check out your existing profile picture- if the picture is unclear or shaky or if doesn’t like professional to present in the LinkedIn profile. If the answer is yes? look at the below tips to get the right headshot for your profile.

Present a professional look:

how to take a perfect head shot

It is not like Facebook or Instagram where you can pose whatever angle you like to here you should put up on your tie it doesn’t mean that you have to look more serious.It is nothing be you are in the photo get advice from a pro about lightings and angle and makeup( if needed) , a better expression, costume.One can always seek a friend’s help to hire a pro  never opt for the budding photo shooters who can take a wonderful picture of stylish you which no one wishes to see in you in LinkedIn profile.Don’t ever go for a groupie or selfie  cropped  picture of your’s to be put up on LinkedIn profile – sorry those are not meant for this place.Aim for a solo picture where you attempt /pretend to look like a professional.

Usage of photo editing app :

usage of photo editing appphoto editing apps in mobile/desktop will do a great work if you want to do work on some corrections or to come out with a perfect picture.If you prepare to go for a selfie like a DIY types than a hiring photographer usage of app works in a great way to get the better click and even if you go wrong in your selfies it helps in hiding the mistakes also experts suggest to hire/borrow a professional camera for some time and get the shot you want. But relying too much on the editing apps will lead to disaster. You have to put a picture of your own and not a fashion freak.  Don’t attempt  much of your editing skill in the picture.

Update the latest picture with a good eye contact:

how to maintain eyecontactNo one wants to look at your those school days picture where you might look young and vibrant but it is not the one you are now, so update it with  the very recent one where your eyes are shining -Eye contact plays an important role in professional life Research says” one can predict wisdom with the shining in your eyes” and more importantly if you update a picture that is not straight facing it shows your lack of confidence in anything you do also it reflects that you are carefree personality which in turn affects the visitors of your profile from looking out for information in your profile.

Background matters a lot:

Even the most amazing headshot can be spoiled by the amiss choice of background .It is so crucial to go for the suitable background for the pictures.The plain white or  single color background works well for any professional picture. Ensure that you capture the picture with proper lighting so it doesn’t look dull and it should not be so bright too and crop the picture to show only till your shoulders. If you opt for a colourful background think well whether it is really a professional one.

SO, all set  to go for a perfect head shot you need to check your wardrobe and  get ready for shooting a professional picture as a profile picture.

we are living in a visual era, so before you edit the information in profile make sure the picture is proper.By having a perfect head shot in LinkedIn profile with the above corrections/information will make you win the competition and grab the opportunities more easily than your rivals.

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  • 3 years ago

    Uday Sonthalia   /   Reply

    LinkedIn provides a great opportunity to millions of professionals to get connected to the industry. This blog provides a lucid process to beautify not only your profile but also your chances to win the competition more easily.

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