Bed Bug Inspectors Used Inbound Marketing To Boost Its Web Traffic By 450%

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 logoAbout Bed Bug Inspectors

Bed Bug inspectors is the first New York city independent NESDCA (National Entomology  Detection Canine Association) certified Bed Bug dog inspection company. NESDCA is a  standard, which ensures that Entomology Scent detection canines are upheld. Bed Bug use only NESDCA trained and certified bed bug dog teams for getting more accurate results for clients. Each of the Bed Bug dog team consist of dog and a handler. The team are trained by J&K Canine academy Inc., which is the top bed bug scent training school in the world. With such highly qualified trainers and dogs, company gives services such as Bed Bug inspections, Bed Bug removal, Bed Bug consultation and Bed Bug monitoring.

Business Objectives Of Bed Bug Inspectors

Being such a qualified company in bed bug inspection area, company was not doing well in lead generation and their PPC advertisement was costing them a heavy amount. With issue like this, below were the company’s objectives:

  • Company wanted to reduce their Pay Per Click advertisement cost.
  • Company don’t want to be dependent on Pay Per Click technique for generating leads.
  • Bed Bug Inspectors were looking to make their focus on inbound marketing techniques.

Strategies / Approaches Adopted By Bed Bug Inspectors

Company’s main challenge was their 100% dependency on Pay Per Click advertisements to generate sales, which was not only costing company a huge amount, but also wasn’t the appropriate way to market them self. Bed Bug Inspectors needed to reduce their Pay Per Click advertisement and were looking to be focused on inbound marketing techniques. Following were the strategies adopted by Bed Bug Inspectors:

  • Company started a multi- step inbound marketing process, which includes aggressive blogging and Facebook campaign.
  • They started E-book in order to provide information to customers in a custom downloadable format.
  • Also they implemented call tracking facility on their website to measure exactly which keywords and were converting into phone appointments.

Results Achieved By Bed Bug Inspectors

By applying all the inbound marketing techniques and tools, Bed Bug Inspectors increased their web traffic, leads and sales tremendously. They also enhanced their organic traffic while reducing the dependency on PPC advertisement. Following are the results achieved by Bed Bug Inspectors in numbers:

  • Organic traffic increased by 450%.
  • Company’s sales and leads increased by 320%.
  • The main issue of company which was spending on PPC, reduced by 85%.


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