Benefits of Blogging: 10 Compelling Reasons To Start A Blog Today

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Consistency is the foundation of virtue. -Francis Bacon

Before coming to the actual Benefits of Blogging for business, let me tell you a little bit about my personal experience of blogging. I have been blogging for quite a few years(more than 5) and it has been learning all throughout.

I was writing blogs when I was doing a job and I am writing blogs now when I’m working as an independent consultant.

Over these years of blogging, I have had the opportunity to get published in some top-notch publications across the globe including this one which is one of the most important benefits of blogging for business.

Besides that, it gave me tons of freedom to express myself. It has also given me the opportunity to showcase myself as an expert in Content Marketing. Blogging has helped me to not just learn and grow in my profession, it has also given me a chance to help others along the way. Well, it has been and continues to be a fulfilling journey for me so far.

According to HubSpot, 53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority. 

Let me now take you through some of the compelling Benefits of Blogging for business so you can get a heads up on why and how you can go about doing it:

10 Benefits of Blogging

Benefits of Blogging Source - Paper Leaf

Benefits of Blogging

Here are some of the benefits of blogging that every aspiring blogger should be aware of.

1. Showcase Your Skills

Blogging is the best way to showcase your skills to the world. All of us have a passion and we all have skills that we must showcase to the world.

Whether you are an expert software developer or a musician or a cook or a digital marketing expert, you can display your skills and expertise with the help of a blog.

A blog is a way to tell your audience what you know about so they could benefit from it. If they like your blog posts they would love to follow you.

Benefits of Blogging

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2. Get More Traffic To Your Website

Yet, one of the most crucial benefits of blogging. Did you know that consistent blogging can get you tons of traffic to your business website?

When you create a website you need to optimize it for search engines to get your site to rank for search queries. But you can’t just leave your site without additional content. If you do your site rankings will soon fall.

You don’t want that right?

86% of B2B and 77% of B2C companies are blogging.- Content Marketing Institute

A blog gives you the opportunity to consistently research for new keyword queries, and create content that answers questions for your target audience.

When you do that, Google sees you as an expert in your domain and ranks you higher up in the search engines. So, if you are running any business, blogging should be an essential component of your marketing strategy.

3. Build Customer Relationships

Blogging is a way to help your audience find solutions to the challenges that they are facing. This help comes to them for free.

Since it is going out of your business, you are actually building a relationship with them. Once they sign up for your newsletter, you can help them further by sharing the latest tips and updates with them.

You can even help your existing customers by providing them with free tutorials and educational content. Blogging can help you to build strong and long-term customer relationships.

It can help you to get new customers and retain the existing ones. Perhaps, this is one of the benefits of blogging that most of the marketers look forward to.

Benefits of Blogging

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4. Build An Online Brand

One of the common benefits of blogging is building an online brand. Adding blog posts to your business website on a regular basis helps you to create a brand voice. Your blogs can have a distinct tone, manner, and emotions that reflect the values of your brand.

This way your blogs can be an integral part of your marketing communication messages helping you to build the right brand perception.

Blogging can help you to establish an online brand that your audience relates to in a particular way! It can help you to build a distinct brand identity that your audience can remember, cherish and talk about.


5. Update Yourself On The Latest

Blogging is a way to learn, grow and share your knowledge at the same time. Every industry and especially the technology industry is changing at a very fast pace. You need to update yourself on the latest trends to be able to stay ahead of your competition.

When blogging, you also research and write about the latest trends in the industry. It helps you to learn about what’s going on and stay updated. I recently wrote a blog post on Future of Content Marketing and it actually helped me to get some insights on what I should be doing in the coming year.

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6. It Opens New Avenues

Blogging opens new doors for professionals as well as for business. It can help you to get speaking assignments or start your own online courses. Your blog posts could fetch you a new job or a significant business deal or new backlinks for your site:

Companies that blog get 97% more inbound links.- Hubspot

You don’t need to blog because you want to create opportunities for yourself. The purpose of blogging is to help your readers and create new opportunities for them. This, in turn, will surely help open new avenues for you.

7. Build A Community

Every blog has a comments section and you can get your audience to interact with you and give you feedback on your content. They can give you additional inputs for your posts which are useful for everyone.

This way you can build a community of fans, followers, and subscribers who regularly interact with your blogs and share them with their peers.

In a way, you are creating and sharing knowledge that is helping a large and growing group of people who share similar interests or professional expertise.

8. Make New Connections

A blog helps you to inspire your audience to try or learn something new. They may come back to you with more questions and you can help them out. It is a way to build a network of people who believe you can solve their problems.

When you connect with more people and different types of people, chances are that you get more opportunities than ever before. These people will know about you as an expert and give you or refer you new business. You can also use blogging as a way to find new people with shared interests and learn from them.

It establishes an identity for you, for people to be able to find you easily and connect with you. You can even post your blogs as a guest blogger on other popular sites in your industry. This will help you to expand your connections as well as your audience.

9. Get Recurring Results

Blogging can help you to establish authority and expertise in your niche. It can help you create content assets and a body of work that you can showcase to your audience. Valuable blog posts continue to rank on search engines for years.

They can help you to get traffic and incremental results over a really long period of time. You need to make sure that you are taking your blogging efforts seriously. One-off blog posts will not be sufficient and you need to be regular, persistent and diligent with your efforts.

 10. Earn Money

Benefits of Blogging Source Stealth Secrets

Earn Money Through Blogging

Once your blog becomes popular, it can become a source of multiple income streams. You can sell products and services in your industry, monetize your blog through advertisements and even a sign up for affiliate networks to earn a passive income from your blog.

You can even get paid speaking assignments and start your online courses on platforms like Skillshare to have multiple sources of income. But all of this will come after you have helped lakhs of people find help and value in your blog posts. Moreover, earning money is one of the most admired benefits of blogging for students.

How To Start Blogging?

Benefits of Blogging Source - Milton Marketing

How To Start Blogging

Now that you are aware of the benefits of blogging for students & businesses and know why you should start a blog, let me tell you a little about how you can start. It’s very simple – you can create a blog on a professional blogging platform like and start.

You also need to buy your domain from a professional platform like Godaddy. Next, you need to get a web hosting service from a platform like Blue Host and install WordPress to your PC or laptop. Once you are done with making your blog live, you can start writing your posts.

Don’t forget to promote your blog posts on your personal or professional social media channels. If you have an existing business website and you wish to add a blog to it you can create a subdirectory like this and make sure your hosting service supports WordPress. You can then install WordPress and start blogging on your business website. 

Closing Thoughts

You must remember that all of these benefits of blogging will flow if you do it for your passion and for helping others. If you have a business or a skill that you wish to showcase on your blog then make sure you are not bragging about it.

Your blog should be informative, educational and entertaining so that your audience can find true value in it. Share knowledge with your blog and it is bound to grow and help you as well.

Knowing how to write case studies & including them in your blog can help you build credibility & gain the trust of the target audience.

If you are looking to learn more about how you can blog better & benefits of blogging for students, then do join our certified digital marketing program. Please do leave your feedback and inputs in the comments section below.

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