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Benefits of integrating Videos in your Social Media Strategies

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It’s true that a large number of organizations have started building their presence on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but the sad part is that YouTube is still overlooked as a social media site. Businesses need to understand the role and importance of integrating videos with your social media strategies as videos can serve to be a valuable tool for building online audience and communities.

In this post today, we will discuss about how and why to use videos in your social media strategy.

Most of you might be surprised to learn that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. This simply means that you can take advantage of YouTube search traffic simply by creating a free account and further utilize this platform for to optimize videos for search. The most obvious ways to get hits is through video tags, titles and descriptions that fit key search terms, but you can also optimize your channel, profile and playlist to get more traffic to your channel.

In fact, the videos that you optimize will also be shown up on Google search results. During this process, you will also realize that for many keywords, it is difficult to get our website listed on the first page of search engine, but not likely in case of videos.

It is important to be a part of the conversation

There might be instances that even if you are not on YouTube, your audience or users might be trying to search for your brand or products. This might be a critical situation for you as your users might see results coming from your competitors. Therefore, show your active presence of YouTube and do not disappoint your customers with their search results.

Easy to make videos

There are many organizations or brands that do not prefer to be on YouTube simply because of the complexity involved in creating videos. However, with a variety of online free tools available, creating videos is not a hassle anymore. In fact, you can make a video animation, photo slideshow or Google Search Story for your site without any video equipment or production knowledge.

Digital Vidya is in a practice of conducting weekly webinars. As soon as the one hour webinar is completed, the video is uploaded on Digital Vidya’s YouTube Channel – This gives their audience an opportunity to view all the videos created by the organization.

Following these simple and easy steps will help you in creating your presence in this second largest search engine. This will not only help you in engaging your customers, but will also bring in more traffic to your brand or organization by using relevant keywords.


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