5 Best Practices In SEO To Boost Business On Social Media Platform

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Social media has a massive effect on search results, and a strong social presence can enhance the search rankings. Social media marketing and SEO are two sides of a coin. Both are organic, inbound planning that focuses on creating a unique identity that naturally attracts visitors. Since social media is dependent on quality rich content and a presence of visible, strong brand, the efforts one spends on SEO certainly improve the social media reach. Social media focuses and encourages, engagement and real conversations between people digitally online. It is mainly through a Tweet, a Pin on Pinterest, or a Facebook like, increased social media activity does have an effect on search results. In this blog, we detail the various factors that help build a strong social media marketing strategy using social media and SEO. Any start up or aspiring entrepreneur who has not yet tried out the power of social media ought to start working on architecting stronger online presence.

5 Best Practices In SEO To Boost Business On Social Media Platform

Publish High-Quality Content

With the time flowing since the inception of the digital world, the technology has got more sophisticated, Google still continues to raise the bar for a quality over quantity approach. Sites that offer visitors valuable content are going to be looked upon more favorably by the search engine, and inevitably appear higher in the search rankings. As per Google’s standard, it means providing high-quality, relevant content on a regular basis. The definition & parameters of “high quality” content are up to the person reading or watching it, nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped Google from trying to filter the contents it finds to be the most beneficial, fresh & relevant to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Few things that Google is looking for apart from quality are longer content, images, videos, correct spelling, proper grammar, proper text formatting and, along with, links both outbound links to other high-quality sites and inbound links (and social shares) from high-quality sources.

Strategies to Build Links with different Social Channels

When the link quality degraded Google started to focus on higher-quality links.v Links on social media are often considered higher-quality links because social sites have a high web authority from the get-go. Even if your Facebook page is new, it’s likely to rank highly (and maybe even surpass your website) thanks to Facebook’s overall high authority. Include a working link to your website not only in your content but also in every social profile you have. It helps to increase traffic to your site & it’s also highly valuable for link building. pPost content like new products or blog posts to your social profiles to encourage sharing. Always prefer to create a relevant YouTube video for each blog post and embed it in the post, en-cashing on the high web authority to send visitors to one’s site and level up the search rankings.

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Search is everywhere on the web. Social media platforms are becoming just as big in a search. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Like Google, it indexes content and provides search results based on your search queries.

Similarly, Facebook is a search engine that indexes user-generated contentt, conversations and news feed. Because of this, you are able to search any topic and Facebook will get results based on what is on the web and the discussions around it.

Focus on Growth of Follower Base

Heavy active users of social media followers are actual followers on the social channels, and a large part of them engage or interact with you in some form, Social signals are authenticated factor when it comes to SEO. Search engines look at the various social signals to find out how often one is active posting to ones’ social media accounts, how many people interact with you and if there are social sharing features available to visitors to ones’ site.

To gain a strong base of followers is by interacting with you & your content, and encouraging them to share, engage and interact with you.

How do you increase the quality of your social media following?

  • Always reply and comment on their posts. This needs to take the time to engage the audience on social media.
  • Like-minded individuals and influencers should be followed and follow back.
  • Always post useful and relevant high-quality content for attracting the audience.

Make the Content Search and Share friendly & effective

Many social accounts give you the option of keeping your content private, or relatively so. Prefer to create a relevant YouTube video for each blog post and embed it in the post, interest allows secret boards, and Twitter gives you the option to have a private profile.

Always make your social accounts public and content to be searchable when it comes to one’s business,

For example, for your Facebook profile, you have the option to make your posts searchable in search engines.

For this, make changes in Facebook privacy settings and enable the option “Do You Want Other Search Engines to Link to Your Timeline?”

  • Many social accounts give you the option of keeping your content private, or relatively so.
  • Pinterest allows secret boards, and Twitter gives you the option to have a private profile.
  • digidOne should make the social accounts to be public when it comes to business and you should make all of your content searchable. Social ads are an effective & inexpensive way to promote business and distribute content. They often also offer powerful targeting options so that one can reach the right audience.

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  • Geo-targeting, in particular, is an effective way to send your message out to a specific audience based on their location
  • On YouTube, one can have unlisted videos, and only people who have links to the videos can watch them.
  • Pinterest encourages sharing to a great extent. Users post pins they like to their boards and share them with other Pinterest users.

    Gaining valuable customer insights for building strategy   

Every day there are over million Tweets, billion Likes on Facebook, and million photos and videos uploaded to Instagram. This is a vast wealth of information about the potential customer like who they are, what they like, and how they feel about a brand.

Through daily active engagement and social listening, one can gather relevant customer data and use that information to make smarter & effective resourceful business decisions:

Create Local Listings

  • Always remember to make sure that your business has a local listing on Google+ and that you include the respective address and other important & pertinent information. This will allow the customers to review & rate the company directly on Google as always Google prefers & recommends businesses with the highest reviews first.
  • Also, make sure to have a list of locations or a map for your business on your Facebook page. This not only can be helpful for social media, but it also makes easy for customers to find you and check in. This is great & effective for local SEO.

Increase brand awareness and loyalty

  • When a business has a presence on social media, you are making it easier for your customers to find and connect with you on social. And by connecting with your customers on social, research shows that you’re more likely to increase customer retention and brand loyalty.
  • Studies have also shown that most of your customers expect you to be on social media. Over more than 67 percent of consumers prefer to go to social media for customer service. They expect fast response times and 24/7 support—and companies that deliver win out. Studies have shown that companies engaging in social customer service see much bigger annual financial gains vs. those without

Find out what your competitors are doing:

With social media monitoring, one can gain key information about your competitors. These researchers will allow you to make strategic business decisions to stay ahead of them & surpass the competitor, one can create search streams through various effective tools to monitor industry keywords and mentions of competitors’ names and products. The results of such search results can improve ones’ business to offer product enhancements, service, or content that they may be missing & lacking.

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