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10 Best SEO Tips for Beginners to Boost Website Traffic

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Are you a beginner to SEO? This blog will suggest you all the SEO tips for beginners kick start to boost website traffic. 

Searching for some magic way to boost ranking of your website in the first page of search engine?

You have to comprehend that there is no magic way to rank your site in the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Search Algorithms govern all these search engines, and it requires a considerable measure of effort and time to “persuade” them that your site merits to be on their top spots.

       However, there are some SEO tricks for website, you can take after to optimize your site and give Search Engines essential signals that you are the one that deserves top rankings in SERPs. Internet is floated with SEO tips for websites, but most of the articles and blog-posts discuss SEO in a hypothetical or theoretical manner and not how SEO can be applied in a practical fashion.

As I would like to think, this is the reason most site owners are befuddled and they either surrender with SEO or basically do not get the normal outcomes they’d have thought of.

SEO Tips for Beginners

What you will get to learn in this post is SEO tips for beginners that work:

     I have tried these procedures throughout the years on various sites with astounding outcomes. Obviously there are numerous different things you can do to help your site accomplish better rankings, yet the tips for SEO optimization given below give you a strong and dependable SEO-friendly framework that ensures effective optimization of websites in a well-guaranteed fashion.

Let us go through these best SEO tips and tricks to promote website and ensure great returns on investments-

10 Best Tips for SEO Optimization

1.) How to use Page Titles and description to optimize SEO campaigns

Page titles are a critical part of SEO and this is the reason it is the primary thing on my rundown. The most essential attributes of an advanced page title are:

  • Each of your website pages requires a unique page title that precisely depicts the page’s content.
  • Be précised, brief, distinct, and descriptive.
  • Help your target audiences comprehend what your page is telling about.
SEO Tips for Beginners

Role of Page Title in SEO Tips

Title of the home page of your website can incorporate the name of your site/business and different bits of essential data like the physical area of your business or perhaps a couple of its prime features or services. For instance:

The Page Description ‘meta tag’ is another important SEO factor that gives Google and other search engines a synopsis of what really matters to the page. Google displays what you write in your description as a snippet for your page, and that is why you need to pay due heed upon the description of your web page. To make an effective description of your pages, websites or products-

  • Keep the size of your description between 140-150 characters
  • Try to avoid repetition of title in your meta description
  • Don’t include an excessive number of keywords
  • Try to utilize the description as an approach to “promote” your page to the readers with the goal that they tap on your title and visit the page
  • You can see the example underneath on how a description tag is utilized for a website

    SEO Tips for Beginners

    SEO Tips related to Meta description

2.) Role of Permanent Link Structure and Internal Links & How to get Links from Other Websites

The permanent link structure is a term used to portray the format of URLS for pages (classification/tags) or individual posts of a site. It appears in the browser’s address bar and in the search results underneath the page title.

SEO Guidelines for URLs

Amongst several SEO Tips for beginners, one of the crucial aspects is to take care of URLs. Find below SEO guidelines for creating apt URLs:

  • Make URLs as simple as possible and straightforward for web indexes and clients
  • Avoid long URLs with superfluous data or unnecessary information
  • Use hyphens ” – ” to isolate the words that make up a URL
  • Use words that accurately depict what the page is about
  • Keep away from keyword stuffing
  • Examples of GOOD URL structures-

When we discuss about internal links, we mean links in a page that indicate different pages inside the site i.e. not outer or external links.

Internal linking is an imperative variable for site SEO yet at the same time, many site owners are not utilizing it accurately. Some of the SEO tips for beginners related to internal links are-

  • Link related-articles together either by utilizing the full article or keyword anchor text.
  • You need to make sure that links are useful, both for the client and search engines
  • You should not make links only for search engines, as your internal links should help the clients explore the site better.
  • You should not use terms like ‘Click Here’ for internal linking.
  • Never overdo your internal linking as a couple of internal links per page are sufficient

To Get Links from Other Websites

Larry Page, Google Cofounder about SEO tips

Larry Page, Google Cofounder

Getting links for other websites is one of the most important SEO factors. At the time when Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google Founders), made the initial Google Ranking Algorithm, they were searching for an approach to look at sites so that the best were demonstrated first in the web searches. Other than considering the on-page SEO tips for beginners, they chose that sites that have incoming links from different sites are most likely to be more vital and prominent than others. Incoming links are considered as ‘Votes of Trust’ and they incorporate great value in ensuring links of websites. Some of the SEO tips for beginners related to link building are-

  • Having quality links is one of the most important SEO tips for beginners, as number of links you have are no longer significant but where these links are coming from (i.e. quality) is considered more important.
  • You should always try for natural links as artificially generated links may cause you harm.
  • Do not go for link building packages for buying links, and also avoid massive link building procedures
  • Never add your link in low quality websites.

3.) Role of Breadcrumb, Schema Markup & Canonical URLs as on page SEO Tips

SEO Tips for Beginners

Role of Breadcrumb as SEO Tips for beginners

Ensure that you have a breadcrumb on all the internal pages of your website. A breadcrumb is an arrangement of links at the highest point of the page that aid in navigation. In the event that you are utilizing WordPress, there are many free plugins to make a breadcrumb.

Schema Markup is one of the approaches to help web search engines comprehend the context of your content. In straightforward terms, schema markup is an approach to interpret your content in better way with the goal that crawlers can index your pages better and aid you have the expected results.

       In spite of the fact that this is not official part of Google ranking system, it is something that can enhance the introduction of your pages in the list items and this implies higher CTR and traffic that is more organic. There are various kinds of schemas for a wide range of content (articles, recordings, pictures, items and so forth) and sites (individual, business, local business and so forth).

Canonical URLs are imperative for SEO. Setting a canonical URL for every one of your pages is an incredible approach to:

  • Avoid duplicate content issues
  • Consolidate links to a particular page (this is useful for ecommerce websites or websites with dynamic URLS with parameters).
  • Tell Google that you are first distributer of an article in the event that you syndicate your content on different sites.

4.) How to use Text formatting and H1, H2 and H3 tags as SEO Tips for new Websites

Do not simply distribute your text on your site without first doing some essential text formatting, as this is bad for the client experience and conflicts with your SEO endeavors.

General rules for formatting a post on your site:

  • Use H1 tags for the title of your site-post.
  • Use H2 tags for the main headings of your website-post.
  • Use BOLD and Italics to draw your audiences’ attraction.
  • Do not utilize H2 tags for all your headings.
  • Write small paragraphs in your text formatting.
  • Go for a font size that is anything but difficult to peruse.

         When formatting texts, SEO professionals need to have in mind- the experiences that their users will encounter while visiting their site as this ensures SEO optimization of sites. Answering questions like- ‘Will the client recognize the primary segments of your post (H2 tags) just by taking a glance at the page? Is the content simple to peruse on all gadgets (cell phones, Apple IPads, Android tablets and so forth)?’- Helps you ensure effective text formatting and considered amongst best on-page SEO tips for beginners.

5.) What is the role of The 404 Page in SEO Tips & Tricks

SEO Tips for Beginners

Role of 404 page as SEO Tips & Tricks

Website optimization is about enhancing the client encounter, and an appropriate 404 page adds value to that objective. The 404 page is shown to users when a client is searching for a page on your site that does not exist. It is also shown when users either mistypes a URL or follows any broken link. At the point when the 404 page is not designed resembles this:

This is not helpful for the client and contrarily influences the client encounter.

A legitimately arranged 404 page ought to:

  • Give some information to the client of what happened instead of showing “Not found”
  • Have a similar design that is of rest of the website
  • Give choices to the client to explore different pages of the site by providing some navigation links.
SEO Tips for Beginners

Role of 404 page as SEO Tips

An example of an appropriate 404 page-

6.) Why Image Optimization is considered as one of the best SEO Tips and Tricks to promote website

Images are one of the most important SEO tips for beginners to improve the user experience, additionally; you ought to take care issues like page load speed or slow response for image content. On the off chance, that you choose to utilize images, you need to-

  • Use Alt Text to describe your image, in addition, you should also include keywords, but keep in mind, never overdo keyword’s use.
  • Use keywords in the file name of your images, and they should be isolated with dashes. Abstain from utilizing filenames like image1.jpg or person1.jpg. Rather utilize significant names with dashes. For instance- ladyworking-out.jpg.
  • Keep all your image files in a dedicated folder in your website e.g.
  • Optimize the image size to optimize SEO campaigns of your site, and try to have smaller sized images in your site as it lets your site function in faster manner and considered as one of the most cost-effective small business SEO tips for beginners.

7.) Why experts find having Mobile friendly websites is one of the most important tips for SEO Optimization

These days most numbers of searches are performed through different mobile devices. Many reviews throughout the most recent 6 months recognized that the quantity of ventures utilizing cell phones is relentlessly expanding. Some SEO tips to follow to ensure effective mobile SEO of your website are-

  • A mobile friendly website is upgraded for viewing on all the mobile browsers (i.e. Chrome on android or Safari on iPhones).
  • The best way to optimize your site for mobile marketing is to adopt a responsive website design.
  • More mails are read on mobiles compared to desktop email client or webmail

    SEO Tips for Beginners

    SEO Tips for Mobile Marketing

8.) Role of User Sitemap is also in the list of Best SEO Tips for beginners

A sitemap is a rundown of all posts/pages of your site. You require 2 kinds of sitemaps. First one is an XML Sitemap to submit to Google, Bing and other search engines and second one is HTML sitemap to help guests locate your content easier. Accurate use of User Sitemap is considered as one of the most effective tips for SEO optimization. It is highly prescribed to place a link to your client sitemap from the main menu.

XML Sitemap (for search engines)

SEO Tips for Beginners

Effective use of XML sitemap as SEO Tips

Based upon your blogging platform, you can utilize plugins to make and refresh your site’s sitemap. At the point, when seen in the browser it would look like this:

HTML Sitemap (for Users)

SEO Tips for Beginners

Effective use of HTML sitemap as SEO Tips

The HTML sitemap ought to give connections to all the pages (or to the most relevant pages of your site). It can likewise group different posts according to date, writer, class and so forth. Its motivation is to help the client discover information on your site in less demanding and snappier fashion. One of the examples of HTML sitemap is-

9.) Why Content is still king and what are the best SEO tips & tricks related to content

To let all the above tips work effectively you require having great quality content on your site. A site with engaging, unique, and quality content can improve ranking of websites in long run (with or without SEO), and that is why content is still the king of effective search engine optimization.

How to compose great content? – Following guidelines can help you create right powerful content-

  • You need to make sure that your content conveys what is guaranteed in the title.
  • Check your content for errors, spelling and sentence structure or grammar mistakes.
  • Provide links inside your content (where suitable) to different pages on your site (or different destinations) to get more data.
  • Include references from research and studies of trusted sources (to demonstrate that what you are stating or proposing is right.

10.) How to use Webmaster tools and Analytics to optimize websites

Google and Bing incorporate webmaster tools that should be used to measure success of Search Engine Optimization campaigns. You can submit your site to their indexes, and after submission, you can visit the webmaster admin and get significant data about your site. In spite of the fact that this is not specifically identified with SEO, when you present your site to Google Webmaster tool and Bing Webmaster tools, you may gain so many SEO benefits-

  • It’s an approach to inform search engines regarding your site (by presenting your sitemap)
  • It’s an approach to get input on the quantity of pages recorded
  • It’s an approach to get informed about potential issues i.e. issues that confine sites from crawling your website content

Likewise, it is vital to utilize Google Analytics (or some other traffic analytics tool) to:

  • Find out how guests discover your site (referral, direst visits, search, etc.)
  • How much time your visitors spend on your pages (and on which pages kind of page, or which pages)
  • What keywords they utilized
  • Number of pages they see per visit


I have followed all the above SEO Tips to channelize my SEO campaigns, and I can assure you that they will for sure aid you optimize your Search Engine Rankings in most effective and result-oriented manner.

Once you have streamlined your site for SEO by taking after ALL of the above rules, you are all set to reap great returns from your SEO campaigns

Do update me in comments about SEO tips for beginners that you find more useful! 

Strategic Planning, Analyzing Markets, Identifying Opportunities and Targeted Brand Campaigns are his forte. As a Search Marketing & Advertising Expert, Ankit shares his expertize through Digital Marketing Blogs that not only help professionals dig deep into Search Engines but also guide them learn best practices of Digital Marketing & Search Advertising in a nutshell. He is also involved in Media Planning and Public Relations.

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