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Best Tools For Creating White Papers

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Hello“inbound”World. In inbound marketing content is the important factor. There is sentence “content is the King”, true indeed and you will accept it. So what is content? Content can be in any form, which creates an engagement between you and your potential customer. Content can be in any form like blog, video, eBook, whitepaper, webinar etc. The most important factor is engagement. When a potential customer visits your site, they might definitely check for some content to see what your product is capable of. The content should act as a bridge between a company and a potential customer. How to create a content that creates an engagement? In a customer funnel, content is the first step. Content actually pulls a visiting customer to lead. So content is the first engagement that a potential customer sees.

 Tips for better engagement:-

Creating contents that engages a customer is not at all easy. People have different taste and way of understanding. Some people can like videos, example an animated video works well when compared to text videos. Some like to read, so create blog and eBook. Some people like both, after reading the blog they will watch the video and except more information from the video. Exception is always high in video. Different people like different content. It is difficult to find who likes what. Always give informative content in different forms but at the end of each content the core message should not change. Here are some tips to make your content attractive,

  • Create a strategy
  • Think that you are speaking directly to a customer
  • Write what is the product about-No comparison
  • Use simple words-Shakespeare is no more
  • Create content that is visually appealing
  • Keep paragraphs short and informative
  • Edit videos like a professional
  • Use subheads and bulleted list
  • Use numbers in headings and sub headings

The last thing that should be done is read the content that you have created, watch the video with your colleagues, and ask their feedback they too have some share in the product that the company created.

Content marketing is not limited. Use Podcast, Slideshare, forums, eBooks and white paper, many miss this channel. In this article we will learn how to create a whitepaper.

White paper vs eBook:-

What is white paper? What is eBook? Are both same? What is the difference between white paper and eBook? All your questions will be answered in this article.

What is White paper?:-

Politics is where the word whitepaper rooted. White paper is an in depth report that presents a problem and gives a solution for it. In short a document that contains information, which helps to solve a complex problem, is called white paper or you can call it a research manual for complex issues.

What is eBook?:-

eBook is just an electronic or digital version of a printed book. It has all things that a printed book has, including images and graphs. The main advantage of eBook is you can store in a digital device, it will never get yellow, and you can use it in all digital devices like smartphone, tablet, phablets, laptop and desktop computers.

Are both same?:-

No ! White paper is a material of solved complex issue. An eBook is a digital version of a printed book. Both are nowadays available in digital version. Both are useful in content marketing. White paper is always on the tone of a professional, while eBook is on a casual tone, so easy to convince and read with images and graphs.

White paper is often used in business-to-business market to show that you are expert in the field, while eBook will be useful in business to customers market to showcase your product or service.

Now you have a clear idea about white paper and eBooks. The next thing is to create a white paper that is engaging. Here are some tools to create white papers. Note:- White papers and eBooks can be created with the below mentioned tools. No such separate tools are available to create white papers and eBooks.

  • Calibre
  • Scrivener
  • PagePlus
  • Issuu
  • Blurb

We will see every tool in detail.


It’s free. Thanks to people who still work to make Calibre a best tool for creating eBooks and white paper. With Calibre you can convert white papers into different formats that is you can convert your eBook to different eBook formats. Cover images can be easily created an attached with this tool. The disadvantage of this tool is you cannot input a .doc or .docx file directly in Calibre. For that you have to convert your .doc/.docx to HTML file, PDF or to plain text and then format it with Calibre. Make sure that you have selected save as Web Page and Filtered option in Microsoft Word or MS Word will add irrelevant tags into your HTML file, which will alter the style of your eBook.


The application is not free, it cost $40.00 for Windows machines and $45.00 for Mac OS. There are some cool features like an outline window in the left side, where you can keep all notes and tags. You can create footnotes on written pages, there are templates for nonfiction books, and you can insert charts and research directly into the document easily. There is a built in name generator which creates a appropriate name for your eBook based on the examples used, tracking on how much work is remaining is made easy with a function that is in built.


The Adobe’s InDesign look a like is available for $99.99, a free version is also available for beginners to try. There is a start up assistance that helps beginners on how to use PagePlus effectively and efficiently by video tutorials. You can blend layers and PagePlus allows to include vector designs into your title for appealing look of the eBook.

If you want to create a beautiful and professionally looking eBook/white paper then you should try PagePlus.


Issuu is best if your eBook or whitepaper has more colors and graphic works. The advantage of Issuu over other eBook creator is, it allows user to download full eBook or gives an option to download after seeing the sample. With Issuu you can quickly publish your eBook and newsletter if you wish it to send for a period of weeks. Simply upload a printed book and Issuu makes it like a book for users and can flip pages like they do in printed books. Integration with social media for sharing makes your eBook to reach with people at large.


Want a Professionally looking eBook that can be printed at any time? Then Blurb is the one you have to choose. It has an option to format the book and has plugins for Abode’s InDesign and Lightroom. With the eBook editor you can edit you eBook at any time. Blurb also offers some good looking templates.

There are many tings discussed in the article. Create a strategy, develop a white paper or eBook, attack your potential customer and definitely you can convert them to leads.

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