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Beware Of Black Hat SEO Services Served By Your SEO Company!

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There are a number of small businesses who place their trust on an SEO agency. Instead of struggling as an online startup, they experience quick boost in results of their online rankings, which they later discover is due to different black hat techniques. The companies spend thousands of dollars for getting quick results and high rankings in the search engines ultimately realizing that they have been scammed.

So, it becomes important to know, whether the company or rather to say your SEO agency is ready to serve you with the best services for getting better results. Are they helping you out or hurting you from their SEO services?- you will get to know from this article. So, let’s move on further:

Signs that your SEO agency is doing it wrong: Before we discuss some of the important points first let me clear out something. You are having your company and looking out for an SEO agency that can offer you the best services for improving rankings of your website on search engines. You hire an agency! Next thing- is it right to trust them with all the SEO things including that expecting your rankings to rise as quickly as possible? The answer to this is ‘NO’!! You must be wondering ‘Why?’, right? Let me explain!

The first thing that you must do after hiring an SEO agency is find out or look out exactly what they are actually doing most importantly during the first few months of the contract. You could ask them different things related to their services or even observe their behavior. The earlier you come to know about what exactly they do, the better you will be having chances to determine whether they are being helping or harming the site. So what you need to exactly notice about? Below are the list of such questions and observations!!!

Do they have anything to show or discuss?

The SEO agency you choose must have something to show you. This is not just related to the rise in rankings or proven results, but just the actual SEO practices that they are doing. Give them considerable time to prove their services- almost four to five months and by the time know about the techniques they opt for. Within the first few weeks of the services, you can ask your SEO agency with some of the deliverables like-

  • Optimized content on the site
  • SEO audit of your site
  • Outreach articles that have been published with links to your site
  • Analysis of the site’s link profile

Do they ask you any questions?

A good SEO agency surely would need your help when they work on your website. Being a site owner, they may ask you some of the obvious things like-

  • Admin access or view to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • Editor or admin access to the CMS
  • List of targeted keywords
  • Access to social media accounts
  • Past work/penalties/audits

Do they have any suggestions for improvement?

A good SEO agency would help you out with some suggestions or improvements to be done to your website in order to get better results. They view their relationship as a partnership and look as if they have to work successfully with you. If they are not telling or suggesting something, then there may be something suspicious about that.

Do they share their techniques?

Being a good SEO agency they must be able to share their techniques as they are serving you as a client. A white hat SEO agency usually shares their techniques that are accepted as the legitimate and are proven to get results. If your SEO agency says that they need to keep their techniques confidential or due to the nature of industry we cannot disclose our practices, then beware!! You might be with the wrong SEO agency.

Besides above stated reasons there are number of things from which you can find out that the SEO agency you have chosen is right or not. Some of the signs are- you may get manual penalty or your site rankings and the traffic drops significantly. Along with that, you may get started rankings for the wrong keywords and many more. Thus, it is advisable to ensure the type of SEO services your agency provides. This may take some time, but still beware of their services!

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