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Beware Of Making 2 Mistakes In Search Engine Marketing To Cut Down The Cost On Your PPC Campaign

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These days PPC campaign is one of the most sought after form of marketing. It is a great platform to advertise but it can turn out to be a big pocket burner if not dealt with due care. Lets look into two major aspects which if handled properly can bring down the cost of your PPC campaign:

1) Keywords Match Type: The default setting for all the keywords that you select for the ad campaign is ‘BROAD’, which means your ad is likely to appear on all the search result pages which contain your keyword. As for example, if a ladies dress designer puts up an ad with keywords like ‘dress designer’, ‘ladies designer’ in that case the ad will appear even if someone searches for dress designing school or men dress designer. So one needs to be careful on this part as every such irrelevant click cost you money.

One can instead select keywords settings to ‘Broad Modifier’ which shows your ad in search result for closer variation to your keywords or another setting for keywords can be ‘Phrases’ which displays ad to the exact variation or in searches with  close variation of the phrases like for above example  ad will appear for  searches like’ dress designer for ladies’  but not for ‘designer’. Another way of controlling unwanted clicks is by setting ‘Negative keywords’ that means the search results in which you do not want your ad to appear. If we continue with the earlier mentioned example of ladies dress designer, here negative keywords can be’ men’, ‘kids’. So unwanted traffic can be controlled by right keyword matching.

2) Paying For Free Ads: When a company starts a PPC campaign it generally does it for all the product and services it has. In that case it has been noted that sometimes even the product which appear on the first page of the organic search is paid and advertised  because of the absence of knowledge about the same. Lets take an example of  a market leader in burger chains, which is searched specifically by most of the people whenever they want a burger,this positions it in the first page of the organic search. Hence, it makes no sense for the business to pay for its menu ad instead it should focus and increase the PPC budget for other services like its facility of arranging Kids Birthday Party (where it doesn’t appear in the first page of the organic search). There are tools to identify your position in the organic search,one can do that research product wise and accordingly decide on the budget of PPC campaign for different products.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      “”……searches like’ dress designer for ladies’ but not for ‘designer’.”” This part is not very clear. Because key word is decided by the Search Engine user. What will happen, when the key word decided by the marketer matches even partially with the user’s key word?

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