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Blocking Ads With Apple’s New Safari: A Boon Or Bane

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Apple Safari

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple included with the OS X and iOS operating systems inbuilt to help generate a faster user interface for users working on the Apple-Produced Products. On January 7, 2003, at Macworld San Francisco, Steve Jobs announced that Apple had developed their own web browser, called Safari. Safari 9.0 is the last updated version Apple had come out with. Steve Jobs had a premonition at that point of time that Safari would be a game-changer in the Web Browsing Business. Today when Apple has a strong foothold in the international arena for electronic equipments , Apple is now turning its attention to what could be the next big thing in the field of Marketing. Advertising via the Web Based Content has become a major source of income for Publishers and Business Houses as well. So much so that Google’s major source of income now comes from Google AdSense and Adwords. Hence, Apple has also stepped up its game in order to get its share of the pie in this line. Today Apple provides its users the option of advertising in IOs based apps and softwares.

Advantages of Using Apple’s Safari

A. Safari is efficient and helps generate many searches in record based times compared to other softwares providing the same services.

B. Safari is fast and is light as compared to other web softwares such Internet Explorer and Opera.

C. Safari Works Across Devices : It has the added advantage of working across all Apple and other Google based products.

D. Safari is Secure and Bug-Free. Since it has very small amount of encryptions and created by the best software developers in the world, there are far less errors in the scripts and less updates necessary for the time being.

Blocking of Ads on Safari

It wasn’t actually announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), but now it’s everywhere on the web and media : Apple plans to introduce an ad-blocking feature/software to the Safari mobile browser for iOS9. The social media went berserk because of this gamechanging move by the Apple Team. This is one of those moves by an industry leader which at face value feels like a Boon for the Internet Community. There was a constant growing section in the Community that was harpooning over the fact that the quality of internet surfing is drastically decreasing.

Then came the ominous day for all web publishers and media personnel , when Apple announced, albeit cryptically, that  would shock them to the core. They announced that Safari from its next updated software would have the option of blocking all the commercial ads. Filtering out ads on a Web Browser is nothing new, at least via desktop . Pretty much from the first time a browser supported an extension, there’s been software that could kill the ads. AdBlock and Adblock Plus (ABP)  are arguably of the two most popular softwares present. Both cover a wide swath of the browsers available: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, and lastly Apple’s Safari. For Chrome alone, AdBlock is the most popular and downloaded extension of all time, clocking in at 50 million users as of July 2014.

How these softwares work is that they detect the HTTP requests emanating from a website and block those requests on one particular page. They keep a running list of addresses of known publishers and advertisers, and can make sure that the  bugs from those ad networks don’t show up on the exisitng website. Due to this the page loading greatly improves and provides streamlined content including videos and images.

Advantages of Ad-Blocking

There are many positives of implementing the Ad-Block on a web -browser for the casual web-user. The entire user experience improves on a level which today cannot be comprehended. Ad-Blocking cleans up the web page and makes sites load faster since there is less data to be downloaded. Ads in free apps disappear , hence exponentially increasing the experience of the app. This helps to conserve battery life. About 75% of the battery life that free apps use is the phone downloading of ads on the internet.

According to NiemanLab, Apple’s developer docs say that “Content Blocking gives your extensions a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other content.”Apart from this a lot of malicious ads and content can also be blocked due to the Ad-Blocker software. Apart from this a lot of ad track your profile information and might lead to direct implication of financial data being hacked as was the case in 2012 with YouTube Ads.

Disadvantages of Ad-Blocking

Although on the face of it there are many advantages for Blocking-Ads for casual Web Surfers. There are loads of disadvantages of Ad-Blocking which eventually might lead to the depreciation of an entire class of employees working in the internet-related industry. And with the latest update of Safari, Ads being blocked on the web browser will affect a lot of Small and Large Web Publsihers and Ad Agencies. Most notably  all those individuals and business houses who were gaining a chunk of their Income from Google Adsense and Bing Ads might have a free-fall in their share of revenue.

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