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Bloggers Jam & Break At Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) 2015

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At the Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) 2015, which is being held from 21st-25th April at Kuala Lumpur is going on with great zeal and enthusiasm. The very mention of the term social media itself speaks the fact that the content, topics and agenda being raised at the week-long event are the ones that shall not only be interesting but also engaging for all those who wish to gain knowledge of those concepts.

The event which has been happening over the last 3 years, currently in its 4th year is quite an enthralling event that is being sponsored by the media partners that are renowned companies, brands and names viz. GrabCar, SocialMediaBeez, Amongst these names, Digital Vidya, which is acclaimed as Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training company has also been associated with Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) not only as the media partners but the CEO of the company, Pradeep Chopra and the Co-founder, Kapil Nakra have been amongst the influential and eminent speakers at several sessions happening at the event.

This year, Kapil Nakra is going to be a part of one of the panel discussions on ‘Personalization v/s Going General’ at the event.

One of the key concepts of social media is the content that is being circulated and displayed on several platforms. This panel comprised of the discussions upon the following parameters:

• Quality vs Quantity
• Don’t struggle, keep your content flowing
• How to sustain and make money through blogging?

Bloggers & Speakers at the event who shared their side of the story to keep up the pace of blogging and how to keep the content flowing without any hindrance were:

Khairul Anuar Shaharudin, Lawyer, Author & Entreprenuer, Khairul, Suhaila & Hazlina, Malaysia

He was the session moderator and initiated the discussion in the panel by inviting Grace to start off with the conversation on the what and how of blogging. He kept the entire discussion engaging by sharing his side of the story pertaining to blogging and the perspective of bloggers towards the quality vs quantity content debate. He addressed Joe as a complete Twitterati who is a keen user and follower of this social media platform, especially from the bloggers perspective. He also questioned the fellow bloggers as to what is the future of social media.

Ng Sock Peng, Blogger,

She started off by stating that one of the most common questions that is being cropped-up, when people start-off with the blog is what is the purpose and relevance of blogging? Even her husband questions her as to what is the need of blogging and how does it benefit? To this, she responds by stating that it is the unique and powerful wordings that help the blog to grow.

She shared statistical data of the popularism level of blogging in Malaysia. As per the data, China ranks number one followed by India in the list. Following were the key pointers highlighted upon by Ng Sock Peng:

• Mandarin/Chinese is one of the top 3 languages.
• China is World’s second largest economy by nominal GDP.
• In China & Tawain, the use of Mandarin as the medium in the educational system and media is very prevalent.
• She also made a mention of one of the most frequently used social media interaction platform –Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg who also made a mention of Mandarin language.
• “Attracting the right people in order to accomplish your specific goals” is a key factor for the bloggers and that comes via quality content on the blog. Moreover, by doing this:

1. Readers become followers that comprises of regular readers, Facebook/Instagram followers
2. Best way to get good quality readers is to create good quality content
3. Build your own personality/ image is crucial
4. Updating on a regular basis is yet another important factor

To her, quality of the blog is much more important as compared to the quality quotient. She shared that she started off a blog in 2008 and then she kept on the pace by enlarging the perspective of the blog through sharing it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

To the question posed by Khairul on the future of social media, Sock Peng responded by saying that it depends upon the status of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the use of such platforms.

Grace Tan, Founder & Blogger,, Singapore

She began sharing her side of the story by stating that people often ask what is more important: quantity of content or quality of content from the blogging perspective? Beside, is it the pictures that serve the purpose in a blog or not? Here are the other key questions in the didactic format that were being discussed upon by her:

• Why do you want to blog?
• Why do you want to make money from the blog?
• What are the ways to make money from the blog?
• What are the trade-offs?

There is no particular way how to make money from the blog? But it is the quality based content that helps to run a blog.
To the question of future of social media, Grace replied that it is a tough question as it entirely depends upon whether she will be blogging 5 years down the line or not. Also, whether blogging still have relevance even if she blogs in the near future. So, it entirely depends upon all these factors.

Joe Lee @ klubbkidd, Creative Director/Social Media Activist, JPlay, Malaysia

• He stated that he wished to listen to what the fellow-speakers had to say and then put forth his view points on the concept of blogging. He too started off by saying if you are starting off then go in for quality content on the blog.
• But if you wish to build and enhance the identity as an individual blogger then quantity of the content on your blog is also crucial from this perspective.
• He gave up blogging in 2008-09 an started focusing on Twitter, the in thing at that point of time. He began to learn how to use Twitter. Because he saw the potential in this domain.
• In terms of blogging he never explored the opportunity of monetizing from blogging, as people did not know what and how of earning bucks from blog. So, this was a motivating factor for making an entry into Twitter with blogs being shared on this platform.
• He also witnessed more bloggers seeking active participation in terms of accessing Twitter for sharing their blogs and saw that it is a viable option to reach out to the masses at large with one platform to remain active on.
• This was the evolution of the matrix of blogging and its increasing popularity amongst people, that help to turn into bloggers not only from the monetizing point of view but also
• In terms of content “Building your brand-“ is the most crucial factor. Who are you and what is it that you wish to display to people, what work have you have done is important to be showed to people in a right frame. Herein, content plays a pivotal role not only in terms of words but also the graphics that are being used along with the particular set of words.
• So, looking at the demographics, via the analytics structure can you identify the type of content to be put forth in from of the readers.
• So, the main advice to bloggers who wish to make money from their blogs is to majorly focus on their content and things will fall into place automatically. For instance: a blog of 400 words also can fetch good traffic and generate money, provided the fact that the relevancy level of the content is high. So, the blogger needs to be careful from that perspective for the best results.

To the questions raised by the session moderator, Joe answered that blogs will never die. Also, he mentioned about two of the major social interaction platforms viz. LINE and We Chat. Facebook, Twitter etc. are still in the big frame if being used from social media marketing perspective. So, the question of social media’s future 5 years down the line will highly depend upon the usage and accessibility of these social media platforms.

Thus, the key of assessing the future is to know what is going on and accordingly alter the plan of action.

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