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Boost Deliverability Rate By Warming Up Your IP

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How important it is for email marketers to “Boost deliverability rate by warming up IP”.  It is very essential whether you are a novice or experienced professional. We cannot ignore IP’s health before launching an email campaign especially when dealing with large numbers.

First and foremost we need to know, what is deliverability? It is the number of mails landing in Inbox of all the customers/clients or target user/receiver. For better understanding, suppose you have sent mails to 100 people as a part of your campaign and out of which 90 got landed in Inbox successfully then, 90% was the deliverability rate for that particular campaign. Whereas, the remaining 10% mails are bounced mails. Bounced mails are further categorized into two segments soft bounces and hard bounces. Soft bounces are one which failed temporarily because mailbox was full or incorrect email address or large sizes. The other one, termed as hard bounce are permanent failures which have to be cleaned from senders list immediately. The reasons likely are non-existent domain name, invalid email address, blocked delivery by email server etc

Talking about IP addresses now, they are the internet protocol address used as an identifier which is a combination of numbers between 0-255. For instance is my IP address. IP address is further categorized into Dedicated and Shared IP. Difference between dedicated & shared IP. They are either static or dynamic in nature. As the name suggests the prior is stable and never changes while dynamic IP keeps on changing.

Difference between dedicated & shared IP.

Difference between dedicated & shared IP.

The choice for any player in the market to select between dedicated IP and shared IP becomes a critical factor, affecting the deliverability of emails. Although picking shared IP is a cost-effective way but could badly affect our deliverability rate. This is due to multiple users on same IP, thus building reputation is not completely in our control. On the other hand having a dedicated IP is costlier but gives you the freedom to build your own reputation. But for building reputation we have to be very careful as ISP will put across a lot of scanning for any new IP having no background data to cross check the authenticity. Thus, warming your IP is necessary for better reputation and in order to yield improved deliverability.

To go ahead in an effective way, email marketer needs to send mails in progressive manner starting from low volumes to high volumes. It will be termed as warming-up of IP. It is the same as what one follows at gym, first doing warm up to get the body adapted so that he/she can easily go ahead with strenuous gym exercises.

It is always advised to create sending plan as ISP should not misunderstand it as Spammer. To keep deliverability rate high, we have to augment sending rate in a desired manner. Follow the points mentioned below to boost deliverability rate and earn reputation for new IP.

  1. Make sure that the senders list should include only active and interested subscribers. As it is very important to elude all bad addresses while initiating the campaign to avoid Spam.
  2. It is difficult for a marketer to have zero spam rates, so it is important to collect all the email addresses which have reported you as spam and remove them immediately from your list.
  3. Try to source all fresh leads from your website only so that you can get better open rate and CTR– Click Through Rate.
  4. Scheduling your sending volumes is one of the essential parts of this process. Try to divide your emails subscribers into batches. It’s better to start with approximately 2500 emails and moving further up to 5100, 7500, and then around 10,400 and so on. Figures mentioned are rough estimates only.
  5. Internet Service Providers also check your authentication data to fix your email reputation. Two well-known methods are Sender ID & SPF. Former is IP based authentication message and the later one is Domain keys and DKIM which adds digital signature that can only be verified by ISPs.

Thus, get ensured with warm IPs for healthier reputation and augmented deliverability rate. It’s one of the key factors to make your email campaign successful these days and email marketers are working smartly to warm up IP and boost their deliverability rate.

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