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What is India Affiliate Summit (IAS) 2016?

With an aim to bring Performance Marketing industry together, and provide networking opportunities for affiliate marketers as well as educational sessions on the trending industry issues, the Internet And Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) initiated IAS.

They have set a platform for discussing innovative and implications of Affiliate Marketing. The #IAS16 is designed to revolutionize the Indian Affiliate marketplace.

IAS 2016 is organized by IAMAI (@IAMAIForum) and vCommission (@vcommission).

India Affiliate Summit 2016: What will you find?

Some of the key speakers at #IAS16 are Arpanarghya Saha, Senior Director – Digital Transformation & Go To Market Strategy, Snapdeal; Ankit Kathuria, Head of Digital Marketing, Uber; Deepak Srikumar, Head Digital Marketing, Myntra; Anand Subramanian, Senior Director – Marketing Communications, Ola; Manish Shrivastava, Digital Marketing Head, Yepme; Manmeet Singh, Director-Online Marketing, Flipkart etc.

The #IAS16 is spread across 2 days of innovation and networking.

This year, the India Affiliate Summit 2016 is happening today, 1st September at Delhi, the capital city of the country. The event is taking place at the Leela Ambience, Gurgaon.

Spread across 2-days of networking and innovation, you will witness lead talks, panel discussions, etc. Topics like  ‘Mobile Affiliate Marketing: World of Apps, Pops, re-directs & advertising’, ‘Cracking the Affiliate Marketing Code’, ‘The State of the APP Economy: Market Developments & Forecast’, and more.

Panel Discussion on Synergizing Brand building and Affiliate marketing

Amongst these, one of the interesting topics discussed is ‘Synergizing Brand building and Affiliate marketing’. Points like aligning affiliate and marketing programs, Fine art of balancing branding and affiliate marketing spend, and should affiliate marketing teams be separate from digital marketing teams? Are there synergies? were discussed.

The speakers in this panel discussion are

  • Jaimit Doshi, Head Marketing, Coverfox
  • Deepti Karthik, Associate Director Marketing Strategy, Snapdeal
  • Sumit Bedi, Vice President – Marketing, Indiamart Intermesh
  • Saurabh Kapoor, Digital Head, Koovs
  • Akila Jayaraman, Director, Madhouse (WPP Company)
  • Jitendra Arora, Chief Executive Officer, Fork Surge

This session was moderated by Swati Gauba, Founder,, who asked the panelist about how affiliate marketing works today?

Saurabh Kapoor from Koovs opened the discussion by saying suggesting if someone is able to slice the data, the result will be greater. He talks about residual value on the brand, it is up to the marketers to value it and put it on the funnel. If you are smart enough, you should not take 100% performance, rather set 30-40% as a quantity. There has been a shift from using digital marketing for marketing purposes to using it as an affiliate medium.

Swati Gauba, the moderator asked brand building vs affiliate marketing works fine?

Deepti Karthik, representative of Snapdeal talks about how it works a little differently as affiliate ends up and becomes the most valuable one. As the company evolves, affiliate marketing becomes all the more important. It is not getting more customers but quality as well.

You realize affiliate is the best platform for Snapdeal. There is a huge scope for affiliates in GM and fashion and e-commerce industry.

The moderator then moved to Sumit Bedi who belongs to a different segment i.e. B2B commerce industry, Indiamart. He says if you look at apparel, chemicals, etc there is a potential to exist. Where does the brand stand in the affiliate? The conversation always ends to what is the cost per lead affiliates can give. There is same perception for affiliates as well. How does an affiliate partner works if high bounce rate, and less conversions.

Today, the brands have the willingness to work close to the networks.

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Akila Jayaraman, Director, Madhouse, talks about the customer journey being no longer linear, and the concept of micro-moments. Affiliates are best medium to deliver micro-moments today. Affiliate is a perfect channel for brand building and delivering micro-moments.

He also throws light on how brand building happens through agency. When you don’t think of brand building, it is where the agency comes into action.

Moderator triggered the discussion by asking questions like since there are little synergies in affiliate marketing, what are you doing towards it?

Jaimit Doshi, Head Marketing, Coverfox responded that the teams are structured in a different manner. If the affiliates work harder and give better visibility along with working on time on both sides ie. demand and supply, then brands will be inclined them. Currently, he is unable to manage google campaigns, etc because of the pitfalls at the affiliates’ side.

He pointed towards affiliates today are still maturing to what brands want and brands not able to give them data, therefore, they are not able to mature.

‘The closer you go to the end, the more you brand value you will get’

The question was then tossed to Deepti who talked about her experience at Snapdeal. They developed IMS since it was not humanly possible to send messages. Every company in its initial years should develop a transparent and systematic who wish to work with the affiliate system.

Further the moderator asked if there synergies developed between affiliates and brands to work better?

‘Affiliate as a channel is working beautifully for me’ – Deepti

when affiliate makes a blunder, it is a blame game. The solution is more engagements and conversation.

The modertor, asked Jitendra on who you deal on the affiliate side?

He responded that there should be constant touch with both teams. When asked upon what percentage is on affiliate and brand building? He responded there are at different stage there are different percent. But at the end of year, affiliate is looked upon more.

In the west, it is moving away from the traditional way of email automation to education. It helps affiliates as well if they know what is the objective and at what time. There is a disconnect.

Akila said any brand exists to make a sale but from how we are driving the businesses from an affiliate. They are still separate as the brands structures them separately.

Are you getting enough leads from brand building or affiliates?

Jitendra said the way we see it right now it is a spectrum. There is a residual impact on TV. On google, looking at that, the leads are of good quality, however, once a tab is closed. but fundamentally, you seized to build a brand. therefore, spending 70-80% on it is a blunder. He puts a little bit on TV, since tv is expensive, therefore move to display, fb, etc.

Affiliates have a higher stock than google.

Talking about managing between affiliates and brand building, Sumit responded

‘Talking about sales, conversions, for us, it is connecting. None of us can depend on Google AdWords. direct traffic is crucial. If I am continuously delivering the direct traffic and affiliate understands that it is the perfect balance and equation. We will stop discussing only numbers.’

How can affiliate also give the residual effect? Then brands will be convinced to rely on affiliates.

Deepti said since snapdeal has a strong TV presence, it works fine and the budget that is allocated to affiliates, it is never completely used. For instance, Snapdeal did a print advertisement recently, the top impact was by an affiliate. Affiliates have always work on CPL model. The moment people move from CPL to QPL, google works better.

The loophole is that the approach is same by affiliates for different projects.

Saurabh said from a transactional point of view, each affiliate has a threshold for providing leads. they cannot perform better without backed data. budget allocation depends on what leads they can give us.

At the end, Akila made a point defending affiliates by saying the ‘affiliates are compared to Google. For long-tail, affiliate performs far better the Google’.

What’s your take on brand building vs affiliate?

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