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Brands Use Snapchat For Social Marketing

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Snapchat is a photo messaging app service that allows the users to privately send photos and videos thus ensuring that the message would vanish within seconds. This application is catching pace with other available social media marketing platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter, etc.FRANCE-US-IT-INTERNET-SECURITY-SNAPCHAT

Interestingly, the major brands today are highly relying on these social media marketing channels so as to promote their brand’s products and services’ and reach out to the targeted set of audience. More so, brands are turning towards this disappearing service to reach younger audiences who are majorly active on social media marketing.

Also, due to the ever-decreasing attention span of the target audiences, it has become crucial to keep the social engagement short, crisp and precise to address the need of the users. Snapchat is one such application that allows marketing initiatives to bring together a collection of photos and videos which are weaved together to create a complete story.

Listed below are some of the brands that have leveraged upon Snapchat for effective marketing, amongst them some are experimenting with the Snapchat stories feature as well:


With a view to declare the launch of its new sandwich, McDonald’s invited its fan base to have a chance to look into the exclusive photos from the shoot. Since this US based brand is so profoundly known, so people cashed upon this opportunity by connecting with Snapchat. This turned out to be a great way for McDonald’s to be able to engage with the audience and lure the audience towards the brand.McD


The premium car manufacturer of luxury automobiles, Audi also did not lag behind when it came to using Snapchat for social media marketing. Audi had initially used Snapchat during 2014 Super Bowl with a view to send certain unconventional images related to the game and halftime show. This initiative was an attempt to generate awareness among the younger population. The brand’s Snapchat account was thoroughly promoted through several social media platforms on which the brand is prevailing. This acted in Audi’s favour as by the end of the Super Bowl event, it had attracted 10,500 followers.

These were some of the examples of widely-known brands that experimented with Snapchat as a medium for social media marketing. However, it must be taken into consideration that this app should not be used just for the sake of it.  Also, Snapchat will prove to be beneficial not only for exclusive offers, but also for sneak previews and engaging content such that the ultimate motive of satisfying the consumer’s needs should be fulfilled. Therefore, to be able to match up to the expectations of the users, it must be ensured that the brands use creative content, images and videos so as to stand out from the existing brands and become the brand any user wants to get engaged with.

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      Aparna   /   Reply

      Audiences are in a fast paced life and they do not want to spend their time watching one lengthy commercial. In order to tap this short attention span, platforms like snapchat will be of great help. This platform will soon gain its momentum and will be welcomed among the younger lot.

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