Brightfire Smartly Used Inbound Marketing To Increase Its Revenue By 100%

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BrightfireAbout Brightfire

Brightfire, popularly known as an inbound marketing solutions provider, started its business venture in 2003 as a web development agency. It is based in Glasgow, Scotland. After a period of seven years, the agency realized that its domain was already overcrowded and it could not grow further. The context of the industry and market induced them to think differently to survive and leverage the potential opportunities in the market. Brightfire deeply felt to differentiate its core skill and offerings to succeed and achieve a sustainable business model. The fortune of the agency was turned around after it approached HubSopt and used their tools and technology.

Brightfire’s Business Objectives

After a thorough rethinking process about core business and future growth opportunities, the agency revisited its earlier business avenues and formulated the following objectives to excel in the European market.

  • To exit the low-barrier web development industry.
  • To become a leading inbound marketing solution provider in the B2B segment of the European market.
  • To attain sustainability in generating revenues to support future growth.
  • To invest substantially to differentiate the expertise and core skills in the market.
  • To develop a long run and sustainable revenue generating business model.

Approach / Strategy Adopted By Brightfire

  • To achieve the above business objectives, Brightfire approached HubSopt for their technology and professional help to develop its competitive edge and differentiate credibility to provide inbound marketing solutions to its clients. The following are few inclusive strategic techniques used by the agency.
  • Acquired and used the integrated full-funnel tools from HubSopt. It includes the software,  HubSopt Blogs and landing pages, HubSopt Contacts database, HubSopt Lead Nurturing Tools (both Email and Marketing Automation Tools) and Workflows.
  • Effective utilization of Lead Intelligence to deliver consistency and commitment to its clients.

Results Achieved By Brightfire

Along with the establishment of credentials in the inbound marketing solutions, Brightfire achieved the following milestones.

  • 100 % increase in revenue in the first year.
  • 70 % increase in revenue in the second year.
  • Sustainable recurring revenue in the consecutive years to support its plan and future growth.
  • Successfully guided its B2B clients to reach their global audience at a lower cost.


  • An early and prompt decision to exit the crowded and low-barrier industry was a transformative learning experience for all in Brightfire.
  • The timely understanding about the business and market contexts is an essential requirement to survive and win in the highly competitive industry.
  • Brighfire realized that a balanced and integrated approach in inbound marketing invariably produces long term benefits.
  • The agency understood that the success in inbound marketing depends on an effective combination and consolidation of knowledge, technology, tools and insights drawn from data and analytics.
  • After serving some of its clients, Brightfire realized that inbound marketing is optimally potential for alignment of sales and marketing.
  • From the strategic alliance with HubSopt, Brightfire realized that HubSopt is not merely a technology platform but a full working methodology of inbound marketing.

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  1. Mayank

    Another feather in Hubspot’s cap. The success of inbound marketing lies in effective integration of knowledge, technology, tools and insights drawn from data and analytics. This is the only way to achieve sustainable growth.


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