Brightstarr Used Web Analytics Tactics To Swell Its Video Campaign Viewership Rate By 75%

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About Brightstarr:

Brightstarr is a huge platform for digital workplace and it is one of the leaders in SharePoint Consultancies. With the help of creative, technology experts and innovative team it builds highly efficient solutions for its clients. Brightstarr is an award winning and being four time Sharepoint Gold partner, understands customer requirements aptly and is an excellent Web Trend Agency at the same time.

Brightstarr’s Business Objective:

The main motto of Brightstarr is to provide better than best solutions to its client by helping client get the most out of its intranet activity and formatting new trend of collaboration and knowledge sharing hub within an organization. The basic issue was that one of its clients did not know what specific problems they should target on priority to get maximum ROI. This case study shows how BrightStarr met the client’s expectations through a blend of their proven methodology and Webtrends Analytics for client’s SharePoint product. After analysing user experience and data trends it coupled those findings with its project delivery model Kinetica to formulate client’s intranet strategy and to identify segments like success metrics, focused training, visual adoption tools, intranet messaging that needs instant solution.

Strategy Adopted By Brightstarr:

With the help of webtrends analytics for SharePoint, Brigthstarr analysed that visitors were located in eight different countries with different behavior pattern and frequency of visiting corporate intranet was low for international visitors as compared to U.S. based. They also found that most of the users found campaign videos posted on their site were too small in size and average video length a user was expecting was about 4 minutes. Below are some steps adopted by Brightstarr:

  • They translated websites into six different languages.
  • Improve intranet site navigation.
  • A feature was embedded to provide user with personalized quick links to store mostly used resources.
  • They also enlarged the video area and moved article section from there into a completely new section.

Result Achieved By Brightstarr:

The result was 40% hype in adoption rate. The new design resulted in a 75% increase in the number of video views. They also reduced the length of video by 2 minutes, the result was 60% increase in number of viewers. With the help of Webtrends, BrightStarr has seen great results. Training material and demo of the intranet formed a significant success especially for some highly used web parts, as visitors were very interested on learning their capabilities.


Based on user behavior metrics ‘Webtrends’ helped Brightstarr in planning new innovative features and developing adaptation strategy around those features once they got published. According to Brightstarr, the analysis factors that Webtrends provide can create a strong foundation to provide effective solution that directly impacts a clients’ business. The strategy of posting special campaigns with all the new features helped Brightstarr’s users in providing better learning through various articles and blogs. This strategy helped in achieving a new look to SharePoint intranet and high adoption rate at same time.

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