Britannia Successfully Implemented Digital Marketing For ‘Thoda Aur’ Campaign

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About Britannia:

Britannia is a leading food company in India with over Rs. 6000 Crores in revenues, delivering products in over 5 categories through 3.5 million retail outlets to more than half the Indian population.

Britannia, the leading player in cookies with an estimated market share of 30 percent was the pioneer in the chocolate biscuit segment.

Britannia’s Business Objective:


Britannia was the pioneer in the chocolate biscuit segment and brought the first chocolate biscuit to India 60 years ago. At that time having Britannia Bourbon was a luxury. However, over the time the market has been flooded with quite a few premium chocolate brands and Britannia Bourbon had lost its charm. The youth was no longer connecting and associating themselves with the biscuit.

The company’s business objective was primarily to connect the youth with bourbon and regain its market share in a unique way that attracts the youth, brings in customer engagement and therefore helps them build their brand differently.The brand had recall but needed to bring the right saliance among the youth.

Approach adopted by Britannia: 

The approach adopted by Britannia to bring back the lost charm was to connect with the youth in their language – the millennial way.

The company launched its ‘Thoda Aur’ campaign through a TVC, Microsite and Social Media where they primarily used Facebook and Twitter as their key mediums.

The Social Media campaign was #Bontheoriginal where Britannia Bourbon was launched as a smartphone.


The ideas was to have a refreshing digital leg along with the fresh advertising (TVC) and new packaging so that the target audience i.e. the youth talk about Britannia Bourbon on social media.. This would bring in customer engagements.

They used the concept of a smartphone since it is the most important thing in a young persons life and one always desires a newer and better smartphone.

Strategy of the Campaign:

  • There was a buzz created for the campaign. It consisted of unboxing of the mysterious “Bon6” box.Unbox Bon6
  • The new more chocolaty biscuits were disguised as a new smartphone which would be launched in a few days. The messaging for the teaser even was done in the same manner. It was announced as the new Bon 6 with chocolaty 2.0, super surround system, crystal coating etc.Bon Smartphone
  • To increase the engagement of the people in the campaign, there was an exclusive microsite developed which displayed a countdown timer for the launch of the product.
  • The users were asked to sign up on the microsite and win the mysterious Bon6 box.
  • For a better outreach, MTV VJ Bani J and Indian Actress KritiKharbanda were roped in to boost the campaign
  • Kriti-Bani
  • The campaign also included a TV commercial driving the same awareness through television.
  • For convincing people to participate in the contest, the brand connected with them on Twitter using the hashtag #BonTheOriginal. The users were asked to send in their reactions on the new Bourbon. An iPhone 6 was announced as the prize for the lucky winner.Bon Reactions
  • Smart placement of simple contests was done on social media which kept the buzz on for 3 days till the final reveal.
Key Messages:
  • Ready for the irresistible bon 6? Unboxing #bontheorignal on Feb 6! To know more log onto
  • Just 20 hours left to unbox #BonTheOriginal! Hurry!! Sign up now. 1000 bon 6 up for grabs.
  • .@bani_j dropped by at the Bon6 Lab! And she can’t wait to unbox #BontheOriginal
  • .@kriti_official was at our lab 2 experience #BontheOriginal. She’s super excited 2 unbox it!
  • Here you go, guys!! 6 bon 6 up for grabs! @contest@Contest_AlertLet’s begin! 

Results Achieved:

The conversation trail on social media clearly came to show that the fans were overjoyed with the smart and fun launch.

Britannia was successfully able to first build conversations the organic way, leverage the reach of online influencers and later push more eyeballs to the conversation with media buying.

Customer engagement was at a high with the customers being delighted at a surprise gift.

It was a successful Public Relations campaign on Social Media. The campaign did not end at the revealing of the Bon6 but further went ahead with people thanking the Britannia team for the sweet surprise that they had received as promised.

Britannia got engagement, brand building. fan falling & great attraction and support from their audience and is hoping to grow its share over the 25% premium category.


What worked in the campaign:

  • With an era where everyone talks about phones, disguising the biscuits as a phone got a huge mileage to the campaign. People got confused in the initial front, but remained connected even after the unboxing of the box containing biscuits.
  • The buzz created for the biscuits was quite tricky. It would have given a total negative impact to the organization. But the implementation of the campaign in the strategical way did not let that happen. People got really convinced for the campaign and participated with full enthusiasm.
  • Both the influencers roped in for the campaign; Bani J and Kriti Kharbanda were quite popular in the north and south respectively. Both of them increased the outreach of the campaign.
  • The TV commercial integrated with the campaign gave out a better mileage to the campaign where the campaign. The audiences were triggered with the same brand both on digital and television mediums.
  • The contest on Twitter got a number of new followers and participants. An iPhone 6 as the prize for the contest convinced huge audiences to get them engaged in the campaign.Bon Contest Winner

Key Learnings:

  1. Important to have a theme which the target audience can relate to and talk about.
  2. Social Media with an interesting theme can help build conversations around the campaign rather than just an informative campaign.
  3. Simple contests keep the interest of the consumers and build curiosity.
  4. Limited media even in social media help in focussing on the TG and manoeuvring the traffic of the audience in a desired way thus helping track the responses and how the campaign is moving.
  5. Visual creatives shared on the website and social media made the campaign more attractive and were optimum enough to kick start conversations.
  6. Smart placement of simple contests was important to keep the buzz going.
  7. Inter-relating the contests and the tweets and posts helped in creating a larger buzz than having multiple messages across different mediums.
  8. Such a bold digital marketing campaign could have got a very negative response but the fact that no false promises were made was what turned it around and made the campaign a fun and successful campaign leaving the audience happy.

Image Credits: Britannia

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