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Buffer Makes It Possible To Upload And Share Your Videos On Social Media

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bufferToday Social media is a buzzword. Amongst the internet users there is hardly anyone who doesn’t use Social Media. People want to share status updates, photos, videos, links to blog posts, write reviews and so on. There is a whole lot of stuff that people are eager to share on social media. However they are bound by their professional and personal commitments. They cannot be online sharing updates 24/7, however sharing information 24/7 is a must to stay in touch and reach the target audience when they are online. This includes audience across geographies.

This is where Buffer comes in. It allows you to schedule posts across various social media sites. It has a pre-set date and time for scheduling your posts. However you can customize the timing according to your requirements. You can create a queue of these posts. On the scheduled time these updates will be automatically posted on your Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and so on. The beauty of this exercise is twofold. First is that your audience will feel like you have posted this content on the site directly and second is scheduling your posts allows you to save at least an hour every day from posting activities. It also allows you to free your mind and concentrate on your daily activities without having to keep the time clock for posting content online. Buffer offers these services absolutely free. Buffer also supports you with the analytics.

Recently Buffer introduced an additional feature wherein it now allows you to upload schedule and share videos on Social Media sites. Facebook and Twitter have already allowed users to share videos. Video is now a major components of the newsfeed of Facebook and Twitter users are not that far behind. Facebook says that shorter videos work well for them in their newsfeed. Auto play is also liked by its users. Research and surveys show that users prefer moving objects and hence are more likely to click on a video. Video’s help to create things in a different light and convey the message in a unique way. It can be as crisp as you want. Video Marketing as a strategy can no longer be ignored by marketers. It can also help to make marketing campaigns go viral.


How to schedule video on Buffer to be uploaded on Social Media sites?

Uploading video on Buffer is as easy as scheduling a post with slight tweaks. To start with

  • Select a video from your computer. It should be mp4, mov or an av file up to 1 gigabyte in size.
  • You can either drop your video on the buffer composer window or choose the file you’d like to upload.
  • Once the video is uploaded, Buffer will ask you to select potential thumbnail images from your video. The thumbnail that you select will appear as the cover image that people will see before the video plays.
  • Once you select a thumbnail you need to give your video a title and write a brief message.
  • Now you can schedule your video to be shared on your Social Media accounts.

video on buffer

You need to upload the video only once. Buffer gives the flexibility to share the video on different networks at different times as per the requirement of the audience. As per Buffer they are the first to offer such services.

  • On Facebook and Google+ people will see the video as if it has been directly posted by you.
  • On Twitter for videos of less than 30 seconds and less than 10 MB Buffer will play the video automatically through Twitter without leaving the app. For videos more than 30 seconds and more than 10 MB Buffer will post a link to its Buffer video player which you can still play from Twitter.
  • On Pinterest when you post a video, Buffer will create a pin with the thumbnail you have already selected. Inside the source field they will create a link to Buffer’s video player. Once the users click on the pin they will be directed to Buffer’s video player where the video will play.
  • On LinkedIn it works somewhat similar like Pinterest. But LinkedIn doesn’t support videos as of now. However Buffer can post a link on LinkedIn and when users click on the link of the video they will be directed to Buffer’s video player.

Buffer software will record analytics for each of the social networking sites separately. Analytics will include Likes, Shares and Comments. Like its other services video hosting and analytics is a free service.

Thus with this new additional feature Buffer has also realised the power of Video. It is working hard to help its users schedule content and videos directly through them. In case of any difficulty Buffer team is ready to help you 24/7.

So now, enjoy uploading videos through Buffer!

Image Credits: buffer, bufferapp

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