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Build Network Using Google Plus in Top 3 Effective Ways

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Google Plus is the current show stopper in the social media world. As and when the requirement arises, various technological upgradations and innovative tools are witnessed. It is good to be a part of this technological revolution happening around us.

Social networking sites and various social media tools have influenced various marketing strategies in a big way. The whole process of connecting to visitors through these social networking sites has become a new trend. One needs to continuously keep up with the changing world to survive in the competition. The strategies get outdated with each passing day thereby making it important to study and implement immediately.

The biggest advantage of social media marketing is its ability to build network. An organization or an individual marketer would like to get exposed to as many people as they could. This would increase their chance of readership, number of fans and web traffic. These social media tools help to reach out to so many like-minded people who are also looking for an avenue to grow.

Google has contributed to this revolution by introducing yet another technologically advanced tool called Google Plus. There are many features in Google Plus which are unique in nature when compared to other social networking sites.

Google’s Own Child

Being a part of Google itself is the most important thing that makes Google Plus to stand out in the crowd. Google Plus and Google are so much intertwined that they influence each other’s performance. The ultimate aim of a social media tool is to allow people to stay in touch with each other, irrespective of place or time, that can be very much achieved by using Google Plus.

The chances of appearance of any blog or a link during a Google search increases when it is posted over Google Plus. The blog gets ranked by Google and allows the blog to appear more frequently than any other content from anywhere else. This helps in increasing the viewership which is the biggest advantage of Google Plus.

The interaction level also goes up. Increase in viewership will automatically increase the chances of reposting, link sharing and aids in getting introduced to various Google circles.

Google Plus seems to be advantageous for a blog which has got more graphical contents than text. If that particular blog has more number of followers, then Google Plus helps in better visibility in comparison to other networking sites.

Video sharing is yet another excellent feature of Google Plus, which is drawing everybody’s attention. When compared to other networking sites, sharing of videos with people in the Google circles has been made easy. Google Plus and YouTube are again connected to each other. If you post a video on Google Plus, it can be viewed on YouTube and vice-versa. This is a huge accomplishment as far as a social media tool is concerned.

‘Hangouts’ is another cool feature of Google Plus which has made video chats very easy. People are able to give presentations, do video conferencing and organize events over Google Plus. This in turn helps to improve the following and interactions. Features of Google Plus utilized in an optimized manner could help build network.  The following are the 3 effective ways to build your network using Google Plus:

1. Set-up A Relevant Profile

Setting up a complete profile is the first important tip to build a network. A profile is intended to depict your personality. The profile should reflect your likes, dislikes and your motive. Any social media tool will perform the way we would like it to. Google Plus is an advanced social media tool which can expose you to various circles. These circles would be having like-minded people with whom you can connect and build network.

The words entered in your profile should be carefully chosen. Understanding of relevant keywords is very important. If these keywords are included while creating your profile, it will increase the chances of appearing in searches.

Do not leave any blank space while creating your profile. One can do thorough research on various keywords used by your target people and then set-up your own profile. This would increase the chances of getting noticed.

2. Participation

Participation is the key feature for a social media presence. If the participation from your side would be less or nil, it will definitely hamper your online image. Building a network cannot happen over few clicks. One should spend time on networking sites to understand their purpose and accordingly participate in a discussion.

While using any social media platform, the most important factor to be kept in mind is to give sufficient time to build a relationship. Posting on various communities without prior planning and without nurturing an interaction is not recommended at all. Before posting anything in a community, make sure to introduce yourself, speak to other members, address certain issues and participate in some conversation. If you would post your contents without prior planning, then it would reflect the marketing motive and thus people would start ignoring.

 Joining various communities depending upon the interest or requirement is advisable to build network. There are groups which would restrict you from posting your promotional contents directly and there are groups who would allow. You must be able to differentiate between them. Spamming the groups could spoil the image.

Google Plus will enable you to segregate your contact into various circles like professional circle, personal circle, friends circle etc. You can select a group to which a particular post would be relevant. If you could identify your target people and channelize each post, the chances of viewing would increase. This would save a lot of time and the reach will be more.

 3. Suggestions

 Never ignore the suggestions. The features of Google Plus provide you with suggestions that can do wonders. There are many people online who are looking for people to connect with. The keywords utilized while creating the profile would help Google Plus to suggest various communities or groups. Before joining these groups, you must check out the credibility of these circles. This will help you to connect with many people who would be having similar likes and motives like you and thus will help you grow your network.

 The above mentioned tips will help you to build your network. More the people in your network, the more would be your reach. Google Plus is an amazing platform which will assist you to overcome many hurdles faced while using a social media platform. Optimized utilization of the features of Google Plus can really help you grow your circle and network with millions of people around the world!!!

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