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Building Mobile App Business In India Discovered At 9th India Digital Summit, IAMAI

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There are more 30 million app download every day. So definitely, it is a clear indication of huge opportunity lying in mobile app business. Since apps are dramatically changing every day so this is one of the major reason why India came up as a strong country investing in this sector.

IAMAI organized 9th India Digital Summit in New Delhi with an objective to bring industry leaders at one platform so as to get some useful insights from them. In this summit, a panel discussion on ‘Idea, Innovation & Implementation: What it takes to build a successful Mobile App business in India!’ gave some great insights to the participants who witnessed it.

Tarun Malik, Director & Head, Media Solutions Center & Cloud Services, South West Asia, Samsung, moderated the session and threw plethora questions on this subject to the panelists, which helped participants in getting an understanding on how one can build a successful Mobile App business in India and what are the Do’s and Don’ts of such a business.

The panelists started the discussion with a very basic questiion. It was ‘how do you monetize and if you don’t then are you better than others?’ While discussion, one of the panelist mentioned that first find a reason to be there (monetization) and then implement it.

Experts also believe that there is huge opportunity in this sector. Talking about figures, currently in india there are 18 million broadband users and it will grow to 150 or 160 million. While the discussion was on, single key elemnet which was getting focussed everytime was that one of the best ideas for the gorwth of a developer is to change the user behaviour towards the app. It is the user experience which matter. For example, whatsapp used to be just a chatting application but it has grown very quickly and now everyone is on whatsapp.

Some more valuable inputs given by the industry leaders are mentioned below in a crisp manner:

Navdeep Manaktala, Head – Applications & Developer Ecosystem, Microsoft Mobile Devices & Services
  • In terms of ideas, you need to reduce friction, be it in terms of aggregation of services or disintegration of services.
  • Keep it simple and keep evolving apps as it is the user experience which matters.
Rahul Razdan, Chief Executive Officer, Mango Games
  • The first thing you talk about ‘how do you monetize?’ Next question which jump up to us is ‘are you better than other?’
  • I will bring out 3 – 4 snapshots. One which I always talk about is about Zipdial. It is a case study in itself. Then the next I always mention is Truecaller. So, there is huge user insight n app like these. Apps like this may not be termed as ‘app development’ in India but it is ‘fire development’ in India. Another eg which I would like to mention is, it was a forum in 2011 when we first got exposed to Whatsapp and I believe there were few limitations that time but they managed to crack it in India and make it work.
  • Cash of delivery was innovation that came out of India. So, innovation do happen in India, although not complete innovation is there.
Virat Khutal, Founder & CEO, Twist Mobile
  • If we give 20 Rs pen you will buy it but if we give 50 Rs or 60 Rs app, then no one purchases it? No one, right? So, the crux is user don’t need you. We are dependent on organic traffic.
  • India is ready, we are not. It is like a ship and it is taking it to one direction. Consumer wants user experience.
Raghav Gupta, India Country Manager, BlaBlaCar
  • You have to be patient with Indian consumer. A proper education is needed in content.
  • Today, the device we carry in our pocket has lot of capabilities at much higher level. Even a phone with a cost of Rs. 5000 or Rs 6000 possess a lot of capabilities, so this is the opportunity for the developer as well. If user experience is provided, then there is lot of opportunity for consumer as well as developers.
Rohith Bhat, Chief Executive Officer, Robosoft
  • As per my experience we have seen people acting very differently in transitioning, so what does user want to do? The question ‘What’ needs to be asked at very early stage of business.
  • In content perspective my take on this is very simple. Whatevere content is being produced, we are at a very early stage in India. It is a content specific country.

Overall, this session was not only an interactive panel discussion but also very informative for the participants who witnessed it.

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