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Building Virality And Creating Communities For Your Brand At Great Indian Marketing Weekend (GIMW), 2014

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Panelists in this session were Aloke Bajpai (ixigo), Atul Hegde (Ignitee), Debajyoti Mal (MTS Group), and Annurag Batra (Businessworld) who moderated the session.

The discussion started with the challenge whether viral campaigns can be created or not?

Mr. Debajyoti put in his views that there has to be an element of surprise to make campaigns viral. The campaign has to be highly interesting. Also, negative content goes viral more easily than something positive which brands have to be cautious as far as this aspect is concerned otherwise it can backfire too!

Mr. Atul Hegde agreed that viral as a term has been abused a lot. It’s not a category, doesn’t have any fix formula. It is an outcome, not the process. It is like saying let’s make a hit movie! Rather you produce a movie, market it and then it may go hit! Of course, interesting stories go viral. At end of the day, it is all about a powerful idea and fabulous communication. A simple story well told is the real crux and social media plays a great role in spreading it.

Mr. Aloke Bajpai shared about creating a video on April fool’s day, by modifying the auto rickshaw to auto p which they uploaded on YouTube. It costed them less than Rs. 5000! And already they have got more than 10,000 views, which is worth it! He also expressed that it is all about doing experiments with different ideas on a daily basis and see what clicks. And it isn’t costly to experiment in the age of social media!

Mr. Atul again jumped into the conversation by saying that great strategy comes up with sacrifice. Lot of effort and hard work is needed to be put into social media, to interact with customers, understand them and thus build a relevant base. It’s a myth that you can go viral overnight or build a huge presence on social media overnight & start getting the results.

Mr. Aloke also joined in by sharing that reutilization of content is essential in social media to reach out to maximum number of your customers. For instance, if there is a relevant discussion related to your brand on Quora, you may create an cool infographic from it, upload it on Slideshare and share it across rest of the social media. It’s all about reaching out to customers across all the relevant mediums, provide the best possible high quality content and thus build relationship which will lead to sales or leads.

Mr. Aloke shared that if brands can identify the pulse of users/audience that can be used to create relevant content which may click. This is the way Bollywood works. They keep on identifying the latest trends, as well as pulse of audience as in what kind of songs, stories audience would love!

Mr. Annurag wrapped up the session by recommending the book “Contagious” by Jonah Berger which reveals some interesting viral marketing secrets!

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