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by | Oct 16, 2019 | Webinars

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91% of B2B & 86% of B2C Marketers use “content” as their key strategy.

This is why Content Marketing is the reason behind many successful brands.

Sadly, while the immense potential of content marketing is recognized by most companies, many don’t know how to put together a sound content creation plan that helps them create a recognizable brand.

Branding is vital to your company because it is your business’s visual identity which, when done properly, not only gives your business a name, but also a voice and promotes knowledge of your business to customers.

The branding needs to be clear and consistent in order to stand out from the crowd. High-quality content production and publishing encourages interaction, keeps your brand clean, and creates interest among your target audience.

To let the marketers know how to build the brand with content and utilize the true power of content, we recently conducted a webinar on “Building Brand with Content“.

To lead the webinar, we had with us, Vishwas Anand, Content Marketing & Communications Lead, Infosys Knowledge Institute. Vishwas Anand is an award-winning Content Thought Leader who believes in the magic of a robust content narrative to drive C-suite decision-making. Currently, he is working as a Content Marketing & Communications Lead at the Infosys Knowledge Institute. 

Key Takeaways:

1. Content Marketing amidst content saturation: Quality Over Quantity

2. Building your brand with content worthiness? What brands can learn from Content Marketing failures?

3. Key tenets of a 3 A customer-centric brand strategy to build “True Content Power”

These were some of the highlights of the session. To get in-depth details of “Building Brand with Content”, access the webinar recording.

Hopefully, this webinar was valuable and added to your knowledge. Moreover, if you are looking forward to Digital Marketing for Business & Career Growth, join our free Digital Marketing Orientation session.

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