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Case Study

This is not the most recent Ad Campaign by Burberry but yet it is the most inspirational one and my personal favorite. Looking at the time of the year i.e. February the month of love, this seemed like an appropriate case study. A campaign in Dec 2013 #Burberrykisses to spread awareness, engagement and experience by using interactive power to send virtual kisses across the Internet to your loved ones.

About the Brand

Burberry is a British brand founded in 1856, which has established a remarkable heritage. They have gained recognition for their trademark tartan pattern and the trench coat. It has stores all over the world and holds the position of ‘best global brands’ according to Interbrand’s report.

Burberry has been in the forefront of embracing digital widely for creating multichannel experiences for their customers by connecting with them through various innovative technologies. Be it social media, live streaming of shows, social media buying, ordering on the catwalk, digital changing rooms to the popular ‘Art of the Trench’ Campaign, Burberry has done it all. (source: linkhuman)


With the buying back of their beauty and fragrance business that year, Burberry wanted to communicate that experience through new media. The objective was to target the newer generation and create an emotional and personalized connection between the brand and its beauty line by bringing romance into the digital space. They wanted to connect with the millennial consumers at a level where they can fall in love with the brand and become fans and eventual customers of their beauty products. To accomplish this a peer-to-peer campaign was designed to build unique experiences with customers across all platforms with an expectation of spreading brand awareness, creating brand enthusiasts, eventual customers followed by brand advocacy.

Main Features of the Campaign

The brand in collaboration with Google and Grow created a microsite for the Kisses campaign that allowed users to send love notes sealed with their kiss. After immense brainstorming, prototyping and testing, the idea was captured in a digital experience format compatible on both desktop and mobile. A combination of colour and blob recognition, image processing and lip detection technology was used that allowed capturing of kisses with the webcam and on mobile using multi-touch and touch duration. To send a kiss, users clicked on “capture your kiss’ that initiated the camera on the device, after users kissed they could add a Burberry beauty lipstick on it before sending their personal kiss sealed note. To add more realism and personalization to the sending journey, they utilized Google Earth and location services to illustrate each letter’s path. They stylized imagery of destinations to show street views and local landmarks as their note travelled to the recipient’s destination. The users could view the kisses being sent around the world on a real time interactive world map on the website depicting its global scale. Senders could also share their kiss through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ incorporating the power of social. (source:Luxury Daily)



The campaign was designed in a video format, which according to Google’s report is the most influential source in changing consumer perceptions.By introducing millenials to the beauty product without putting the pressure on buying the product, Burberry was able to touch the heart and soul of their audience and step away from traditional marketing while promoting interaction. They ran not only YouTube trueview skippable ads but they also ran engagement ads via the lightbox ad format. They ran awareness buys across luxury private exchange sites along with search ads. This campaign was run online and also amalgamated with the offline experiences by incorporating it in visual merchandise across all stores in UK and USA.

Results and Key Learnings

 The campaign was a success at many levels. According to Google’s Campaign report users from 215+ countries (13,000 cities) participated within the first 10 days and engaged for an average of 3.5 minutes. It captured media attention globally with #burberrykisses which was searched for 253,000 times on and was also published in Vogue, Mashable, Techcrunch, Women’s Wear Daily etc. The launch day collided with Brazilian Valentines Day and with the Holiday season that led to the popularity of the campaign. Advancement in technology allowed Burberry to engage and entertain rather than producing a regular call -to -action. The shareable experience let users build a connection with the brand creating an intimate interaction where the experience with the product came secondary to the experience with the brand. This Inbound Marketing Strategy in my opinion is the strength of any campaign in today’s time due to which Burberry was able to spread brand awareness  and create a  brand wide experience rather than a single product experience. Once the customer develops this emotional connect with the brand, they automatically get transferred to other products. To sum it all up, the campaign gave us key takeaways for creating an effective marketing campaign like using storytelling, personalising in multiple ways, humanising the brand to create emotional experiences, making content shareable, building and selling around a killer feature , collaborating Creativity and technology and using Inbound marketing strategy in contrast to traditional marketing.


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