Cadbury’s Taste Campaign Drove 20 Percent Rise In Revenue

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CadburyCadbury is the most loved chocolate and is consumed by all age group of people. Cadbury deals in Confectioneries. It is a British company. It was founded by John Cadbury in the year 1824. Cadbury’s headquarter is located in Uxbridge, London.

Cadbury is known for its one of the best chocolate brand “Dairy Milk”. Cadbury is second largest confectionery brands in the world. Though Cadbury being so famous, it was facing a cut throat competition with other brands. The main objective of Cadbury was to be in the minds of the people. It was necessary to remind people of their favourite chocolate brand, hence Cadbury drove a Campaign. The Cadbury’s taste campaign drove 20 Percent rise in revenue. Let us see what was the Strategy of Cadbury’s campaign :

Cadbury is always known for its best creativeness in advertisement. They had broadcast some of the brilliant ad commercials. In the year 2013, Cadbury wanted to protect its core chocolate business. Company had not carried out the campaign for its product Dairy Milk since long. It had been years passed that they did not highlighted the most loved chocolate in the world ‘Dairy Milk’. So Cadbury thought to create a campaign for the same. Cadbury appointed Golin Harris to run a campaign and help the company to drive its sales. Golin Harris runs a PR firm. The plan in the mind to run a campaign was to use Joyville concept. A Joyville is the imaginary place where production of Cadbury’s chocolate is made. They have featured this place many times in advertising also.

Advertising featuring Joyville tour

The PR team was on its foot, they were given a target of 3 months, that is from January 2013 to March 2013 and a budget of 200,000 pounds to increase the Company’s revenue. Company gave the clear objective to the PR team.

The objective which the company wanted to achieve from this campaign is listed below:

  1. Reappraise the taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk from as many consumers as possible
  2. To reach the people in the age group of 45 to 64 years old
  3. To increase the sales of Cadbury Dairy Milk medium size tablets

How did they plan and implement to run this campaign? The campaign was divided into to two parts that are traditional/commercial medium and Social Medium Platform.

Traditional/Commercial Medium Campaign:

Tradional Cadbury

Campaign Launched by Brain Blessed and Claudia Winklemen

They name the campaign as “Taste – Search for Joyville Taster”. As the name suggests, you can have an idea that it has to do something with the taste of the product to its consumers.

Let us look into the details of how they conducted this campaign. They did a research with more than 900 people. They had defined their target audience and targeted accordingly. The target audience were their potential customers including chocolate loving mom’s.  They ask consumers to define a taste of their favourite product Dairy Milk in one word. They had broadcast this commercial on channels like SunOnline and also on national media. They declared that the winner will be crowned as ‘Joyville taster’. In their five week tour they visited train stations, shopping centres, cinemas, supermarkets and service stations.The samples of the chocolate were reached to 760,000 plus consumers.

They launched this campaign at the British Library UK. It was presented by Claudia Winkleman and Brain Blessed. They had a great chocolate Mixionary machine which was seen by more than 50 journalists presented over there. It is a giant machine which is capable of turning the words in to the chocolates, which was something amazing to see. The guest were invited to tweet about it. They were given a chance to describe about the taste of Dairy Milk Chocolate in one word. Their voice then would be spoken by Brain Blessed in that room in his booming voice before the Mixionary machine which would then turn into chocolate.

Cadbury’s Joyville Taster Campaign

Social Medium Campaign:

Social Media Cadbury_JoyvilleTaster

This campaign was not limited to the commercials and media. It was further outreached to the digital world / Social mediums like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. As we are living in Internet connected world, it becomes necessary to promote the campaigns on the social medium too.

The social medium campaign was designed by the digital agency Hypernaked, London – by creative director Oliver Green. The strategy which they followed on digital medium was they invited the consumers to visit the Facebook Page of Cadbury and ask them to describe the taste of Dairy Milk chocolate in one word and in “Great Mixionary Machine”.  In the Twitter they asked to include in hash tag as #JoyvilleTaster. They declared that they would stand the chance to design their own Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar and also will get the chance to be the first to taste the new Dairy Milk chocolate that is even before the supply of the Chocolates in the market. There were thousands of consumers who have shared their descriptions online.

There were about 77000 people who have tweeted the description for Dairy Milk.

The winner of this campaign was ‘Jane Billingham’ from Wales. The one word which she suggested was “absoverylicious”.

What Cadbury achieved through this campaign?

This campaign drove the great sale for Dairy Milk chocolates. It increased the sales of Cadbury Dairy Milk by more then 20 percent.

How Their strategy worked?

The strategy which Cadbury used through its campaign was outstanding. Campaign which they drove was simple yet fun filled. It  involved all the aspects like Celebrities,  media and sampling of the recipes to its consumers. It adopted Traditional as well as Social medium as a platform to run its campaign and engaging its consumers in an interesting way. It targeted the perfect age group people that is between the age of  45 to 65  year. It was a good technique as it might remind them the taste of their childhood and who would like to have an emotional connection with Dairy Milk which would drive them to buy it. Involving people to name its favourite chocolate brand was very creative and interesting. The participants and audience always shows active participation whenever their opinion is asked by their favourite brands. The campaign reminded the great taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk to the people and also became a motivational factor to purchase it.

Image Credit: Prweek, adoftheworld

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