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Can Omnity Search Engine Kill Google?

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According to recent reports, Omnity search engine, a new search engine launched on 19th May, is on its way and is probably going to be better than Google. The target audience for Omnity is students and researchers. There are many unique features that Google doesn’t offer and therefore, many publications are referring it to be ‘smarter than Google’.Sources:

If you have to find some information, will you prefer some other search engine over Google? Most probably, no. There is not much that typical search engine offers to the average user. However, Omnity which is aimed at students for doing their homework (well, YES) and researchers offers something new that is worth trying.

Though search is getting changing. Google is working towards making it available into our phones, tablets, cars, and other devices. There are specialized search engines for hotels, homes, flights and even .gifs are strong. That said, there are AI bots being promised by Microsoft, Facebook, Google and others.

How is Omnity Unique?

This new search engine separates itself from others by showing up results which best match the search term typed in the search bar. Also, there is an added capacity of indicating how these results relate to each other. For instance, if you are researching about a theory you know little about, you can type it in the search bar and you will immediately see which resources are getting the most citation.

You can also find who has conducted the most influential research on that theory along with leading universities when it comes to research on that theory.

This competitive browser, Omnity will pull information from various sets of data like publicly available news, scientific journals, legal histories, SEC filings, organizational reports, and financial reports. To get an analysis of the ‘rare words’, you can also drag and drop documents into this search engine. Omnity obviously will crop out the little words like ‘she’, ‘it’, ‘they’, ‘but’, and ‘he’. Also, it will look for words unique to a given document in order to get a better idea of what it is all about.

The keywords system we are using today is not that great and doesn’t help you get relevant results all the time. It is good to know that search engines know and index the keywords of an article. But what if they have mislabeled? Omnity is different here. They scan the whole document and resolves the problem to some extent.


Sources: The Washington Post

Along with helping pick up some of the information we can lose normally, Omnity is also highlighting a trend that is cropping up increasingly in data product these days and that is ‘a focus on context’.

Another striking feature is that you can add your own data sources. For instance, you can upload a research piece you have done or some research paper you found somewhere. This search engine will then return the links to other relevant resources and not directly cited in the sources uploaded by you.

You can thus find unique sources of information that could be added to your research.

Why is Omnity Superior?

Most search engines are based on keywords system and this poses problems at times. Most of the search engines only show up results if the keywords in the headline of the page match what we are searching for. Omnity overcomes this problem which most of the search engines can’t.

Omnity search engine fixes on the current search model by scanning the entire document.

Will Omnity Overtake Google?

Despite having an upper hand over many modern search engines, Omnity search engine is not going to overtake Google at any point in time. Google is too powerful to be replaced by any such search engine anytime soon. However, its presence suggests that niche search engines are still in the marketplace.

It is too soon to decide the position of Omnity in the future considering the fact that search continuously evolves. As per the example stated in The Washington Post, Wolfram Alpha, a search engine originally marketed as a computational search engine is now helping to power Siri, a search giant.

Though there are no such announcements about the integration of Omnity with other products like the above case. It is just said to be launched at a base price of $99 per month for researchers. However, it does have an academic/basic version free of cost.

There are no announcements here about integration with other products just yet. It’s launched at a base price of $99 per month for researchers, though it does have a basic/academic version for free.

Will Omnity Create A Place In Search Market?

It is worth seeing how new search engines like Omnity will do in the search market. It indicates how search engines are going to perform in the future and the changing search habits over time.

Do you think Omnity will take over Google in the future? Or Google’s monopoly will continue?

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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