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Can Spam Scores Be Checked Before An Email Is Triggered

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Hi everyone, hope this topic “Can spam scores be checked before an email is triggered?’’ will be interesting for you, if you ask me the same question the answer is yes, we will learn following things through this blog,

  • Understanding email spam,
  • What is email spam scores?
  • Why we need to check email spam scores before sending?
  • Some important tools to check email spam score
  • Sample for how to check spam score for your mail

Understanding email spam:

Let’s read first following points,

  • Unsolicited email is normal (example: first contact enquiries, sales enquiries…..etc…), bulk email is normal email (examples: communication mail, newsletters…etc…),
  • Email sent unsolicited and in bulk then only it is considered to be spam
  • Is one of the violation of internet etiquette
  • Usually considered to be electronic junk mail
  • Email that is not wanted: email that is sent to large numbers of addresses and that consists mostly of advertising
  • Unsolicited commercial email sent to large number of people

Hope above all points made you to understand about email spam.

Email spam score:

  • A spam score is a rating that assigned to a sender’s email address.
Spam score range between 1 and 100
Spam score 1 is the best
Spam score 100 is the worst
Usually maintain spam score below 5
  • Who will assign spam score for sender’s email address: spam filters like Mail washer free, spamihilator….etc…. both spam filters are free
  • Spam filters assign spam score for sender’s email address based on certain criteria
  • If you want to learn more about spam filter click here.

Why we need to check email spam score before sending:

Furthermore please read some of following points for need of checking email spam score

  • Spam is dangerous to both computer and its users
  • Junk mail can contain viruses, key loggers, phishing attacks and more
  • If your content is set to trigger some spam filter which will send your hard work straight to the subscriber’s spam folder
  • Can cause for your domain block
  • To check broken, incorrect and untracked links
  • Find out broken images, missing or incorrect alt text
  • Spelling and grammar errors, in case if we do mistake in spelling and send mail which can’t be undo, only we  can send sorry mail which may work for some users and may not for other users
  • Finally if your email doesn’t reach the inbox, then all of your time spent optimizing your content and design has been wasted
  • So be sure your work doesn’t go for waste and check your spam scores before you schedule your email campaign

Important tools to check email spam score:

I would like to mention some of anti spam tool names here which includes free and paid spam filters,

Free spam filters for windows,

  • MailWasher Free
  • Spamihilator
  • POPfile
  • Spamfence
  • Spamato
  • SpamBayes
  • SpamExpertDesktop
  • K9 –Free Spam Filter
  • Cactus Spam Filter
  • SpamRIP
  • G –LockSpamCombat
  • SpamWeasel

If you are using outlook you can use some top anti – spam plugins for Outlook as follows,

  • Cloudmark SafetyBar
  • Spambayes
  • Disruptor OL
  • CA Anti –Spam
  • Junk –Out
  • MailFrontier Desktop
  • Spam Aid

The best mac spam filters to use,

  • Spamsieve
  • Spamsweep
  • POPFile
  • Spamfence
  • Spamfire
  • Spamato
  • Personal Antispam X5
  • SpamBayes

And some more spam filters you may try,

  • SpamAssassin
  • SpamccPro
  • SpamLimitz
  • AntispamSniper
  • SpamControl
  • GateWall Mail Security
  • SpamBully4
  • InboxLock
  • CleanMail Home
  • CleanMail Server

Mentioned above all spam filters most of them are free, I will suggest you to pick spam filter according to your system and your requirements. Please do check on Google about their ratings, other information that you may require before trying them.

Sample for how to check spam score for your mail:

(Note: This particular section I was copied two images from for your information purpose only).

Here I just want to show with one example how your spam score available and report looks like, I’m taking here example from

Spam Score is now available as part of the Mozscape API: untitled111

  • spam score less than 3 showing Looks Good
  • Spam Scores above 6 showing On the borderline
  • Spam scores above 11 showing Trouble’s Lurking data science team ,led by Dr.Matt Peters, examined great number of potential factors that predicted that a site might be penalized or banned by Google . They found strong co relations with 17 unique factors that they call as “spam flags”, and turned them into a score.

The following table shows the relationship between the number of flags and percent of sites with those flags that found Google had penalized or banned:


Above table clearly says spam score up to 5 will be safe/Spam free.


As a final point I would like to conclude, don’t let your hard work go for waste, check your email spam scores before you trigger your email, ensure spam free mail. Hope above information will help you to achieve some extent to send spam free emails.

I wish All The Best For Your Spam Free Email Campaign.

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