Canada Pharmacy Online Leveraged Google Analytics To Decrease Its Cost Per Conversion By 20.5%

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Try1Exploring various avenues of marketing and business growth is a major agenda of any organization irrespective of their area of expertise. The size of an organization does not matter these days as each has got its own niche presence in the market. There are various tools, strategies, methodologies that act as an aid to run the businesses successfully in-spite of existing cut-throat competition. Google Analytics is one such tool which has stirred the entire marketing scenario. Markets are driving people to take huge risks in any form to sustain the competition. Google Analytics is helping businesses to explore each and every aspect of business promotions and advertisements which has in turn helped the marketers to make a successful online presence.

Organizations are becoming more and more dependent on Google Analytics because of its ability to give a thorough analysis. It is indeed interesting to know that the pharmaceutical giant, Canada Pharmacy Online too leveraged Google Analytics to decrease its cost per conversion.

About Canada Pharmacy Online

Canada Pharmacy Online was established in 2006 in Surrey, Canada/US border near Vancouver city. Canada Pharmacy online has a successful presence in international products supply with overseas partners based at United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, Turkey etc. Years of experience in the pharmaceutical field has helped them serve over 5,00,000 customers to save over prescribed medicines. The key strength of Canada Pharmacy Online is its specialization in medicines for chronic ailments which is important for many people to sustain without any issues.

Pharmacy Checker, an online pharmacy verification authority, authenticates Canada Pharmacy Online for their credentials. They allow the users to check and compare the prices of different drugs, read reviews and save money. Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), the licensing authority of Canadian Online Pharmacies have accredited Canada Pharmacy Online.

Canada Pharmacy online has grown significantly in customer base as well as revenue in the past few years. They have been using various marketing strategies especially search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo as their most important marketing channel. These search engines are a major source of new business. In order to grow further, Canada Pharmacy Online took-on to PPC campaigns to acquire more customers and increase sales.

Business Objectives of Canada Pharmacy Online

The following were the objectives of Canada Pharmacy Online:

  1. To increase customer acquisition using PPC campaigns.
  2. To increase sales.
  3. To improve PPC campaign of

Strategies Adopted by Canada Pharmacy Online

Canada Pharmacy Online partnered with Pitstop Media to manage their PPC campaign. Pitstop Media helped Canada Pharmacy Online to decrease their cost-per-conversion. It is an ROI based internet marketing and sales service provider and has helped organizations to improve their internet marketing irrespective of their budget due to hands on experience of diverse cultural backgrounds.

The following were the strategies adopted:

  1. AdWords Data was collected by enabling auto-tagging in AdWords and linking the account to Google Analytics.
  2. Custom filter feature of Google Analytics was used to capture exact phrases or search queries that acts a trigger as identifying correct search keywords is very crucial in a marketing campaign.
  3. Pitstop Media set-up various goals to separate out new and existing customers.
  4. Products were segregated as either Rx or OTC making them more easily understandable.
  5. Google Analytics was used to understand the type of products that are being purchased each customer segment. These could be prescription or over the counter products.
  6. Thorough insight towards various transactions and revenue generated was acquired by setting up e-commerce tracking system.
  7. PPC campaign keywords were acquired by tagging Yahoo advertising campaigns.

PPC account performance was improved using the following analytical skills:

  1. Pitstop media used analytical tools to determine certain factors like page views, average time spent on the site, bounce rate etc. to understand keywords which were leading to no conversions in-spite of consuming a major share of the budget.
  2. Head and Long Tail keywords were identified among actual search queries which the company was not able to find and invest upon.
  3. Negative keywords were also identified by Pitstop Media using analytical tool which prevented the content from appearing for unrelated or unwanted keyword searches.
  4. Google Analytics was used to allow the user to generate geographical performance reports to separate out good and bad regions for certain marketing campaign. This detailed information was then used to create suitable campaigns for a specific geographical region. Since, source of traffic is not restricted to any geographical region, an early realisation by marketers would lead to reaping the benefits. Traffic to a particular marketing campaign can originate from anywhere and it is important to identify and target this region.
  5. The purchasing trends of the customers of Canada Pharmacy Online was studied using an analytical feature called Goal conversion data. It helped the company to know whether customers were visiting them more for prescription products or over the counter products. Report generated out of this analysis helped the organization to make certain important decisions such as area of focus.
  6. Google Analytics has a feature which allows the organization to determine the advertisements that are performing well and those that are not doing so well. This report can be seen under Traffic Sources>> Ad Versions in Google Analytics. With these findings the organization discarded some of the bad performing ads and replaced them with better ones. Advertisements act as the first window to attract customers. If the organization fails to formulate attractive advertisements, then the whole process of marketing would be go waste.

Results Achieved by Canada Pharmacy Online

  1. Number of conversions increased by 37.9 % within three months of using Google Analytics. Pitstop Media included long tail keywords, head keywords and negative keywords in order to achieve this result.
  2. Cost per conversion reduced by 20.5 % by evidential increase in sales and reduced costs.

Canada Pharmacy Online was able to achieve their objectives because of its  continuous effort under the guidance of Pitstop Media. Google Analytics and its salient features altered the way business was carried out, thereby enabling the organization to progress further in their success path.

Image Credit: Canada Pharmacy Online

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