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Carazoo Leveraged Google Adwords And Got 52% Of New Clients

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About CARAZOO                                      carazoo-logo          

A brainchild of Logix Microsystems Ltd, the portal aimed at the Indian segment has been prompted by their hugely successful IzmoCars products and services in the US. CARAZOO.COM is a one-stop portal catering to the requirements of car buyers/sellers, car manufacturers, car dealers, car financers and insurance providers and car accessories suppliers. The Rs 33 crore company has invested around Rs 6 crore on the portal. The site currently offers information on cars of 17 makes, in 77 models and 300 variants. Second-hand cars can also be purchased. Logix has currently tied up with 38 dealers in South India and 12 in West.

The objective of the portal was to generate quality leads for auto dealers, and also to provide an engaging experience to online users through ‘Interactive Car Animations’ – the first of its kind in the country. Carazoo today attracts nearly 400,000 visitors and generates over 21,000 Leads  per month.

Google AdWords Strategy

The brands these days would go to any extent to get their hashtags and brands go trending including launching an AdWords campaign. Built on an auction-based system, AdWords is a highly quantifiable and cost-effective way to reach potential customers. The car buying trend was getting stronger in India, typically a car buyer visits manufacturer website and then goes to other portals to verify facts and also to compare different models available in the segment.

Carazoo started using Google AdWords in June 2007. However, Carazoo found that the Cost Per Click (CPC) was too high. Pankaj Patel (CEO of and his team then reworked their strategy to target high quality conversions. This helped the team improve the ROI and bring down the CPC. ‘Google Analytics’, ‘Conversion Optimizer’, and ‘Keyword Tool’ were the main tools which increased the Return on Investment for the company and its shares. Most importantly it helped achieve the objective of bringing the presence of their brand and web portal to its targeted customers.

Optimizer’, and ‘Keyword Tool’ were the main tools which increased the Return on Investment for the company and its shares. Most importantly it helped achieve the objective of bringing the presence of their brand and web portal to its targeted customers.

CARAZOO Marketing Strategy

Carazoo’s marketing budget is split evenly between traditional print media (mainly magazines) and online advertising. According to Pankaj, Carazoo intends to spend 75% of its marketing budget on online advertising in the future, primarily on Google AdWords. “We first experimented with SEO’s … then shifted gradually to SEM’s and mainly to Google AdWords PPC campaigns”. They became one of the first few companies who mastered the usage of Organic Searches in the Automobile Sector in India.

CARAZOO today provides a comprehensive and detailed marketing strategy to its clients in the automobile industry. They have created a marketing plan that covers all aspects of online marketing – Search Engine Optimization, Branding, Marketing Campaigns, and Social Media strategies. They now handle multiple aspects of a business ranging from Website Building and Content to Social Media Strategies ans Search Engine Marketing. have designed many top class web portals for various car dealers in India like Sagar Automobiles, Bimal Automobiles, Kataria Group, FortPoint Automotive, NBS Mahindra, Balaji Cars, to name a few.


At present, 52% of Carzoo’s new clients reach it after clicking on AdWords ads. Due to the huge success of the campaign , today is the one of the largest portals of interactive automobile purchases and sales. Carazoo started using Google AdWords in June 2007 and was delighted to see conversions though Google AdWords going up by 2600% within one year. Apart from that, from June 2008 to April 2009, it saw a further increase in lead generations by 158 % while managing to decrease its cost per conversion by 15 %.

Due to its imminent success in the interactive automobile industry CARAZOO.COM won a lot of awards and accolades for its recognition :

1) wins PC World Web Award 2008
2) awarded The Best Website of the Year 2008 Award in the Automotive category by MetrixLab of Netherlands


CARAZOO had put their branding strategy very smartly  and applied it very uniquely. Google AdWords offers assured, immediate traffic to Web sites against a certain investment, and therefore using this campaign comes with a host of advantages for Web sites and businesses. Google today displays over 1 Million Ad Display Banners throughout its Search Engine. AD Campaigns like Google AdWords gives direction to entrepreneurs by offering them a variety of keywords and platforms to reach out to their targeted audience. If a certain ad campaign fails, you can use a different campaign with a different title line and description. That is exactly what enabled CARZAOO to be successful within a limited amount of time. By using and analyzing the importance of GOOGLE ADWORDS at a very early stage in their web portal, they were able to create a niche market for themselves and complete the objective of reaching their target of portraying themselves as a Unique Content based auto service providers over the internet. Today CARAZOO runs an alternate website known as MOTORTREND where 38.1% of its visitors come from Google. And with estimated monthly searches of 3.5 Million, they have changed the concept of how automobile industry should engage with their respective customers in a new technologically driven nation of India.

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