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Career Guide- Top Skills That Make Or Break A Freelance Writing Career

Career Guide- Top Skills That Make Or Break A Freelance Writing Career

Whether you are editing, writing, or both, becoming an online essay writer is a challenging enterprise. Project management, time management, networking and constant hustles are all necessary when it comes to freelancing. Because many existing and aspiring writers exist in the freelance writing world, it is crucial to possess certain skills. These skills are what will make or break a career as a freelance writer.

In other words, anyone looking to be paid for his or her writing must possess the following skills.idea generation

Idea Generation

Writers, whether for newspapers, magazines, websites, or blogs are always under the gun to develop ideas for their pieces. Writers benefit immensely from being big idea individuals. So how do you come up with killer ideas for your work? You must read, read, and read. Pass through any material you come across. Extensively read material online, magazines, novels, newspapers etc. Anytime you do this, you get other people’s ideas that not only motivate, but also inspire you. Every now and then you get an idea to steal outright.


The ugly truth is that freelancing does not favor individuals who rest comfortably on their laurels. It is also not a safe haven for those who seat contently on their pants. When you are full time, people usually stop by your desk. They dump plenty of work into your inbox. As a freelancer, you must have the ability to finish up all the work yourself. Actually, you only have yourself to fully depend on.

Market yourselfmarket yourself

As an essay writer, you do not have the luxury of being modest when looking for work. Instead, you need to put on the shoes of a marketer. Selling yourself to clients in order to land as many gigs as possible should be your norm. Learning how to effectively market yourself can take time. Therefore, be prepared to spend as much time as possible learning the ropes. It will not happen overnight.

Extensive research and fact checking/finding

In order to write pieces with valuable and rich information, extensive research is inevitable. You must learn how to double check your facts. The facts you present in your work should be accurate. Learn how to cite sources and how to back up your claims. Freelance writing is not for those individuals that have a difficult time conducting wide research.

Be willing and ready to learn new things

Undoubtedly, the worlds of media and publishing are fast changing. Consequently, writers must always be prepared to come up with pieces that cover a wide variety of areas. You should also be prepared to learn new skills that are applicable to new media. A great example is this – writing for websites or blogs normally requires vast knowledge when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. The truth is that today’s freelance writers have to constantly learn new things.

Spelling, grammar and following instructions

If you cannot spell or construct simple or basic English sentences, then the freelance writing world is not for you. The same is true if you do not know when to capitalize or where to put commas. Lastly, you must always follow all the instructions presented by clients.

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